Fight for cap – Ranked World of Warships

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Fighting for caps is important, and definitely not easy as a destroyer.

In ranked its even more important and thus harder as well.

Maps are not too big and everyone knows DDs will be exactly there so radars usually have everything covered.

Positioning and map awareness is the key…also not having suiciding teammates….mmmm….yes…I heard that helps.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I feel like your Ibuki deserved a compliment as well.
    Played very well, back-captured points and provided excellent torps on BB/Alaskas.

    • István Ozimák

      Yepp! Ibuki staying alive (in itself), capping, and supporting like a sane team player deserves a compliment! Especially these days… It takes much more knowledge to play good in an Ibuki than in an Iowa (imho).

    • Ipatchy Makouli

      Donskoi capping the enemy point was even more clutch, making a part of their team to go back, he basically cancelled the enemy successful push (mostly due to Monarch suicide + tons of radars) and it bought a lot of time

  2. Jussi Raitoniemi

    15:49 Do you see where that last puff of smoke was generated? On the fucking other direction from where you were moving. How do you make such a bad coding that this happens??

    • lol
      didnt even noticed…

    • Слава Сахно

      The centre of the smokescreen puff has a specific place on different ships. For this DD looks like it is at the end of the stern. So while DD is gliding away, the stern is actually closing to Missouri at that moment.

  3. Up to that final blunder the Missouri played well.

    • I don’t play this game anymore, but when I did my Missouri was not that easy to play. I often found that in an even games she shines, but if you play catch up its very very hard to turn the game around with that ship. If I did play DesMoines or the Daring, Alaska or even other Battleship I could easily turn the game around. With the Missouri you needed to play very carefully and the radar is only really helpful if you teammates actually help attacking the DDs.

      So yes, I agree, he did play decent and he knew the game was over at the end.

  4. Your patience and discipline is an example for all to follow. Excellent job.

  5. good game, ima brand new to wpws i just got jutland and i was wondering if you can show your commander skills for it. thanks ! pozdrav

  6. Giveing a full Torpedo broadside to a ship like this is the most satisfying thing as a destroyer captain. 😊😊

  7. haha, at the exact moment you said, “Can anybody explain” – I had the thought, “wth is that Monarch doing?” haha

  8. That sinking feeling in old miss lol

  9. A few years ago I didn’t know who Flambass is, I knew Flamu. I was sailing a Benson and Flambass was chasing me with a Bismarck one on one but I managed to torp him. I remembered him because for a moment I thought he was Flamu and only later found out he was a streamer.

  10. If they had gone to defend B they would have won.

  11. You outplayed them soooo hard mate, great job!

  12. I love flambass videos, im kinda “casual player”, less than 300 hours, its amazing

  13. Easy explanation: Monarch was concerned for the local ecosystem and decided to create an artificial reef. You should have complimented them.

    • another possibility: It’s a british ship and it was approaching tea time, so he had to hurry back to port.

    • @Th. K. I recognize that as the “pizza delivery has arrived” play. I’ve used it occasionally myself, with great results (for my stomach, at least).

  14. tier 9 5 person teams, and someone is wondering OUT in the middle of an OPEN Cap??? ‘what is this guy doing?’, BEING A FOOL.

  15. 4:52…I’ll spell it out for you, Flambass…he’s suiciding/dieing/attempting to throw(although that last suggestion is a stretch…

  16. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Nice to see Jutland. Such a nimble and elegant knifefighter. When I started to use the AP more I experienced a jump in damage output.

  17. Tobias Reinhold

    Even with everything else that happened, I still think that the most horrendous thing in this match was the Radar usage of the friendly DM Donskoi. The only reasonable explanation for it would be that he’s a 20 meter tall giant who hits the button by accident whenever he touches the keyboard.

  18. love your videos and know from experience you are a very good player 🙂 but dont think i agree with the 105%, if it was so then it should bring more money if only T8 or T7-8 if it was about just money but i can not find out why +-1 in rank.

  19. The missouri was quite alright, the alaska was terrible as well as the rest haha.

  20. The first reworked-ranked season was: bronze pure VIII, silver pure IX and gold pure X.
    Silver was heaven… never more.

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