FIGHTER HEAVY Air Superiority – USS Ranger (World Of Warships Carrier Gameplay)

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FIGHTER HEAVY Air Superiority – USS ( Gameplay)


  1. Russian space rocket program combo: Take out the russian rocket line up BM-13N, BM-8-24, RBT-5 and a Pe-2 with 132mm rockets attempt: #2

  2. This intro is so badass

  3. I forgot how much I missed the daily uploads until we got them back.

  4. Imagine controlling an Aircraft Carrier in War Thunder…

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  6. WE WANT WOWS TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!Fuck yeah!

  7. Phly did you know that the USS Enterprise is coming to WOWS soon?

  8. The crazy DIY cat Meow

    What do you mean nobody has ever had a good Monday, it’s Victoria Day in good old Canada 🙂

  9. Benedikt Schneider

    Carriers that leave when they have no more planes are dumb… they still can use their carrier as a torpedo…

  10. u play the worst cv at t7 gg phly

  11. you where detected much earlyer but didn’t react in time

  12. romainlecaca dubled

    Hi phlydaily I am french but very fan of your video I would vouvoudrais ask you to test a French ship the one that would please you I hope you will want to thank her if you read my message and I look forward to a new video .

  13. Fighter loadouts are really just leaving the responsibility of winning the game in the other ships hands. Balanced loadout is the way to go if you have to play USN CVs, but they’re really in a bad place at the moment.


  15. phelly next ship uss midway pleas….!

  16. ThatAussieBloke

    The Micro is painful lol

  17. Spent too long “threatening” with DBs, just pump him, nothing to lose at that point.

  18. I realized that Daily is a Nazi

    His intro has the Bismarck

  19. Krunoslav Jambrek Raspudić

    Phly, if you really want to be viable in a cv use IJN carriers only

  20. Can you put torpedo bombers on this Ranger?

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