Fighting paid actors in the fletcher | world of warships

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  1. Do your smoke stacks not make any smoke at all when you are stopped? I thought there was only ever NO smoke at all of you weren’t connected.

  2. The Yugumo managed a few hits on you, you managed a few hits on the Yugumo … sounds fair, the rest is just details.

  3. That Meta isn’t new, it’s always been like that since World of Tanks Beta.

    “The team that sucks less wins.”

  4. Somebody please tell me how to switch view between a different torpedoes

  5. Cope war thunder is better game

  6. My vote(a 6 year veteran) is for BOTs, it sure would explain the game play I have been seeing. Or a lot veterans have left the game just leaving potatos ( I am a 51% OK, not great and not bad). So harvest them XP, cause JETs(cruise missiles) are on horizon.

  7. The derp team always seems to be the team I get stuck with playing carriers on Legends. I end moving my carrier away from one lost cap after the next trying to stay alive long enough to spot for them, harass destroyers and island campers, and try to get their bb’s to turn broadside to my team, we somehow get the lead and they still manage to throw the game somehow. And I end up top three in points, something that should never happen in a carrier in Legends.

  8. That business in the first game with the abandoned A flank is what happens in every game where two DDs are in a division together. For reasons that only WG understands, the game spawns divisioned DDs together, even if that leaves a flank empty. My personal experience has been that both DDs will sail into a single cap *together*, regardless if that leaves a cap/flank unspotted/empty. It’s even better if the CV is also on the position with the DD division, because it will invariably only push its planes through that sector. Even if the flank has zero DD support *and* is getting hammered by the enemy CV. “The Thinking Man’s action game,” my ass.

  9. pretty neat seeing the teammates i get every day from the enemies perspective

  10. The ability for people to throw will always be as astounding as the RNG in this game.

  11. Tashkent player probably had to take a wee-wee, came back too late. It happens.

  12. Na see what you missed is that Fletcher is just such a good boat it makes all the enemies functionally retarded while they’re aimed at by one.

    Thank your for tuning into: True Facts about the USS Fletcher

  13. Warhamsterxxx Gaming

    Those aren’t bots or paid actors… they’re WG devs trying the game for the first time.

  14. Meanwhile in Asia, thr enemy teams seems to have a 3rd sense of what I am doing like wtf. As soon as I launch my torps, every ship will be turning away as if they could see my torpedoes from a mile away.

  15. The bots are smarter than that.

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