FINAL Zeppelin too OP ? 9 achievements || World of Warships

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  1. too nearly 1 year ^^ but now it should be final

  2. Why you do this WG

  3. so many permament flooding bc bb dont know when to use Damagecontrol..
    Easy kill on DD at beginning. I guess it was recorded during weekend 😉

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      About the GZ:
      Was playing a T10 platton. Me in Montana, friend in Zao. The GZ attacked me twice, I took a total of 110k dmg that game, 90k from the Graf Zeppelin in 21 bomb hits. I did not shoot down a single one of the Graf Zeppelins dive bombers. I watched the replay and checked the state of my AA defense.
      I had 151dps at 6km, 363dps at 4.5km and 217dps at 2.4km. At the time of both strikes my AA defenses were operating at 100% effectiveness

      BTW: Montana has an 38mm deck armor, in internal casemate deck of 152mm and 19mm of citadel deck (which probably gets overmatched). That is still 180mm of citadel protection. And the GZs AP bombs straight up defeated that.
      Guy in GZ told me he aims his bombs at the turrets. Mind you, the turret top is 229mm. So that hardly qualifies as “weak armor”

    • bad RNg I would say, Achim Hanischdörfer, the planes of the Graf Zepplin aren’t stronger than the ones of other T8 CVs at all (if not weaker) (edit: expect probably Enterprise, but she has a lot of reserves as exchange)

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Nah, he assured me that he can strike a Des Moines with active DefAA successfully. (No mention of aircraft returning to the carrier, but he said that he can get the strike fleet to drop their bombs successfully)
      The triple dive bomber loadout is SCARY.

    • GZ AP bombs pen better than USN AP bombers. Enterprise, Lex, Essex, and Midway do not come close to that damage vs Montana.

  4. Looks fine to me, alot ppl just accepted what the torpudus had to give.

  5. CV just capped and sunk a cruiser with secondaries. This machine does not need planes 🙂

  6. With idiots like the enemies from the clip I think that everybody can earn lots of medals. :))

  7. When will GZ be released??? I want to make a quick purchase.

  8. Wow, this thing really is one of the most beautiful ships in the game.

  9. Is it the only flight mod option?

    • It also has a 2 fighter 3 dive bomber option.

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      And the 2 fighter 3 dive bomber option is REALLY scary.
      Got TWO-HIT in it while playing Montana. Apparently it has enough punch in the AP bombs to beat ~200mm of deck armor. I apparently also lost a main turret in the 2nd attack. Not that it mattered. 2nd attack from it sank me.

      Oh and I did not shoot down a single dive bomber. I checked in the replay. My AA was working at 100%. I only had taken minor damage prior to both attacks from a Minotaur.
      According to Graf Zeppelin player you are supposed to try hit the main turrets for max damage. That would be 230mm+ Armor on my Montana…


  10. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Well, I think this is so stupid… Poor Lex fighters, they didn’t know what they must doing. And Lex did nothing to his team

  11. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Omg, secondaries…. Over 6 km.

  12. I dont care if its op
    The Cv commanders need this a long time ago
    Now the Bb meta can die already…

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Get TwoHIT by GZ with dive bomber setup in your Montana. Do not shoot down a single of its aircraft, despite having over 500dps in long and midrange aura. (Checked replay where it happened to me. My AA was fully functional at the time)

      btw the 2nd strike did +40k dmg and was executed through an active DefAA aura from a close Zao.

    • I dont think that the BB meta will change just for one CV. I know that you can get one shot in a german BB from AP bombs but since the rework of US CVs i have played a lot of Friedrich der grosse, and i never got seriously damaged from AP bombs. Torpedo squadrons are still way more effective in my opinion

    • Flash123 jak
      Atleast they need to understand the sniping is not their thing they need to get closer with the fleet or rather they take advantage of their might at close range
      Sniping is for CVs only
      “maximum range” right?

      Battleships should be more of a tank for the team and will not be picked of by CVs if they are close to each other

  13. Pls dont.shoot.him…such a.greedy. person

  14. Why is it only 9 ships per team here? Test server?

  15. Crate - Collector

    Do only a select few have access to the ship?

    • Only those who bought it when it came out last year. They will also benefit from a 3 month exclusivity before we all can buy it.

  16. Armoured Wargames

    LoL Secondaries OP plz nerf!

  17. Lol, first time I’ve seen a secondaries kill by a carrier.

    • when the ship sucked with planes, people made secondary builds as a joke, but it actually destroyed any dd that came close

  18. A cv that punish bbs? I want it. Bbs are the most anoying to deal with because they almost always think sniping work. Time to kill the bb meta

  19. This wasn’t a good game, any ship is “OP” if its being played against idiots. Enemy cv minus well have been playing with a blindfold on, and half the ships he dropped sailed in a straight line including the dd in the beggening, when they couldve easily dodged have the torps

  20. Hey, he captured B, while 3 of his team’s BB’s couldn’t be bothered and sat SOUTH of him. Nope, nothing unusual here…

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