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  1. I thought you were done for the day (previous video) :)….kidding aside, it’s always pleasing to watch a expert at work! Thanks!

  2. congratz man nice game!, i just did 267k on my gouden leeuw what my best is atm

  3. Yes I see how satisfying it was, and a record too.

  4. Oh boy that slap on Smolensk was so satisfying !

  5. that was a good game well done that z-52 game was a bummer

  6. The result of a great ship and a great player. thank you for posting!!

  7. Great game!! That initial push was just AR preparation!!

  8. Congrats dude, good job

  9. Marty in Canuckistan

    Congrats well played, a couple of luckier salvos that number could have been much higher.

  10. Congrats Trenlass! I quit playing after 5 years, and now I am having more fun than ever by just watching your videos! Well done 🙂

    • same same
      I just couldn’t bear new carriers and I never regreted 🙂

    • same here… played mainly DD and I’m happy I deinstalled it…. it was horrible for my mental health -.-

    • Same here. Many years ago now I made the mistake of picking the US cruiser line and got to a point where couldn’t gather enough XP to buy the tier 7 ship and battleships and DDs were getting upgraded all the time but never low tier US cruisers… We all know how that turned out with everyone laughing while I get one-shotted.

  11. I feel your pain. Super CV’s and homing subs were the straws that broke the camels back for me. That game was amazing to watch. Congrats on new record!

  12. You have 900 damage more than my record. I can only get 7 kills though 5 times but no 8
    I contributed to a 450k Ohio game. My team left me alone in a hindy and didn’t shoot him on their broadside once. Could’ve easily killed with 1 he salvo from 3 bbs. But they ignored him and he farmed them all down

  13. My highest is 301k in Yamato from like 5 years ago, still trying to beat it

  14. Cybernetic Argument Creator

    Honestly just make sure you have fire prevention and concealment and the rest is whatever, your positioning and prediction-aiming will determine more than any build minutiae

  15. So happy for you Trenlass with your new damage record. I broke mine earlier this week in the Montana.

  16. @1:15 “it goes awfully” ends up with a new record. I really like you Trenlass. <3

  17. The Don said it well ! Your the man and I love how you keep so calm during crap games as well as great ones.

  18. I was kinda expecting you to ram that Vermont for extra damage

  19. 1k below my damage record 😀 Sadly my match was a loss… But still an awesome match by you. Your salvos were extremly nasty. That 17 sec reload at the end where nice, hehe.

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