Fire Support – HMS Nelson – World Of Warships

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‘What the hell am I playing?’
is a F2P MMO developed by, Of World of Tanks fame. In which you Captain from the early 1900s to the end of , Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers and Aircraft carriers, in 15v15 battles with other players.

You also grind a lot and complain about how shit your team is.

The game can be downloaded here:
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  1. He is back. The captain is back !!

  2. 9:18 That first shotgun blast made my day.

  3. 34:42 “You’re lucky Saipan, the cap timer saved you from being ‘Nopan’.” – Phonto, probably.

  4. Ooh, that laugh when you citadeled the Nürnberg. I missed that!
    So glad you’re playing Warships again, Phonto. Particularly since I care for neither Destiny or The Evil Within. Just pick something you can have fun with and colonize some citadels, don’t worry about the grind. 🙂

  5. Is the audio not with the vid. Or is that just me

  6. Has anybody else had almost all of the video announcements disappear from their feed/subscription page today?

  7. Instead of “rebuild the boat from scratch” I prefer the saying “3D printing a new ship”

  8. Валерий Тащи

    As people say, “**RULE BRITANNIA INTENSIFIES**”

  9. Still demanding HMS Dreadnought! GIVE ME IT ALREADY!

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