First Battle In The Yamato! 167k Damage – Standard Battle | World of Warships Legends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox One]
IJN Yamato
Class: Battleships
– Close Quarter Expert
– High Caliber

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  1. Gg, sucks when your team has the combined IQ of a walnut

  2. Mai Crocks Oreamuno


  3. Mai Crocks Oreamuno

    Lo quiero jaja

  4. GG, Unfortunately they are teams like that.
    I wonder what was the guy in the BISMARCK thinking when he went Broadside to the Atago ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  5. I´m PS4 player, it`s possible play globally with Xbox players.
    I managed rise healt 102k with high rank commader.
    Unfortunaly it`s possible play free only three times. After that you have to pay.
    This ship is absolutely beast.
    i started this Morning 9am and i had that ship 8 hours later, continuously playing.

  6. Video starts at 3.27. Your welcome

  7. Gg that was a great video

  8. How do you zoom out to overview mode? I’ve never seen that. On ps4

  9. Damn can’t believe you were able to heal that much hp after eating that Lightning’s torps like that lol

  10. I think I’ve run into you before. Your GT looks familiar lol

  11. Wow…gg…that last BB was a dingbat. Didn’t even bother to turn into the torpedoes. He lost it for ya.

  12. I’d say legends is where she gets to shine. In pc version she pretty much always get sunk by cancerous CVs, not saying there’s not lots of times she survives cause there is, but yeah you get the just not to mention when they add subs into pc version them between CVs and subs it could get really cancerous. Especially for me cause I’m not a real great player. Shoot my last battle in pc version I was sunk by cv planes. Lately for me when I play legends its like a torpedo dodging game with all those mad dd players. In pc one it the last few battles its anything I can do to survive from cancerous air strikes. Those cv players In my opinion new their game and what they were doing for sure, or it could have been the fact to that I’m not real great player like I mentioned.

  13. Danny The Destroyer

    You got those guns down to 22 seconds thats brutal

  14. How did you follow your shells after you shot? I’m on ps4 and was wondering if I can do it

  15. How did you get the Yamato? I’ve been doing the 6 sets where you need 3 mil credits and then 10k exp, 10 commander exp, and 1k global exp, someone please tell me if I’m doing the right thing to get the Yama.

  16. Wow,great seamanship,,thanks for the video,,E Puris Um

  17. Destroyers are way overpowered they should nerf the amount of damage each torp does the Atago goes sailed round the outside of the map and got lucky at the end great game

    • People like you complain about torpedos on PC as well. They do exactly how much damage they should. If they went by logical standards the Yamato could only survive a max of 4 torpeods. In the game it takes at least 10-12 torpedo hits to kill the Yamato, and typically around 6 for other BBs. You’ve no clue how easy we got it on console. Try playing on the PC for like a month, then come complaining.

  18. I put Hide on my Yamato because so such thing as too much health…… 101k

  19. I want Yamato so bad man, glad the challenges are easy. Will the Yamato be in our locker forever or for a limited time?


    The Bismarck battleship is better..

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