First battle on the Roma || World of Warships

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  1. this is not the real ROMA, where is the BARREL head? XD hahahahaha

  2. Not a good ship, not a good player…

    • its the first gameplay of a new Ship – lets wait for some more =)

    • Panzerknacker true.. but you still don’t skip 3 salvos on an atago, just to make 30 damage and steal a kill on the NC

    • uses the term kill steal, opinion disregarded

    • Efe Birol actually the Roma was the best Italian warship, big almost as the Yamato, and with an impressive fire power, she didn’t just see action, since Germans sank her during the travel

    • Class and type: Littorio-class battleship
      Displacement: Full load: 45,485 long tons

      Class and type: Yamato-class battleship
      Displacement: 65,027 t (64,000 long tons)
      71,659 t (70,527 long tons) (full load)

      Not even close buddy the Yamato is 50% heavier even without load.

      No offense but stop assuming the performance of a ship that did never see any action.

  3. Bad dispersion…. Not buying it after seeing it’s performance

  4. 老司机兼大贤者

    insane batteries rotating speed

  5. only 18 KM in range….

  6. That wasn’t impressive..

  7. These guns are troll as heck, even more than German guns.

  8. Roma is underpowered

  9. worst dispersion then Friedrich, awful, waste of money

  10. So far this is the only replay you be shown that I hit the dislike button on. So what he got a taken but plays terribly. Pretty sure you would have gotten the same amount of damage off an afk kiev

    • its the FIRST i could find to show ROMA – so we can see the first battle of a roma early. more replays will follow next days and i hope you will hit the like button again mate – best regards

  11. next time would be better “First GOOD battle with the Roma ” 😀

  12. Guys, the good point about the Roma are not the guns but the armor and stealth. You know, for f****** tank for your team? Every ship is balanced between a mix of survivability, maneuverability and firepower (execpt some RN BBs like Conqueror). The Roma’s bad point is the firepower (maybe) but the good points are the survivability and maneuverability. (just angle you armor)

    • Kuhluh I know what you mean, but looking at this video makes me think that wargaming completely failed on this ship. During WWll every British ship which encountered a Littorio class warship got sank or returned heavily damaged. If world of warship was the same as real life, at least half of the ships the Roma has hit should have sank

    • yeah, british ships were compared to the USN, IJN, and germans not really heavily armored

  13. Tier 8
    43k dmg
    Kraken… Fuken kill steal lmao

  14. Not a good player and not a good division. This should be a replay on how to not BB. I know it’s a first battle in a Roma but its a terrible replay that is being shared amongst some content creators. I would have waited for a better replay. As for the person who shared this, I don’t know what he was thinking. I’ve seen better game play and team play from random weekenders not in a division. Yeah he had a lot of kills but most were low health targets. There were quite a few things he and his division could have done to make his team successful.

  15. Lol…it was his first game people…at least you get a look at it in action.
    You can’t fairly judge after 1 battle…
    Can you?
    He started to figure out the guns near the end.
    Although a strait up review is what’s needed.

  16. A very weak game of a person that seem not to understand bbs. More luck and kill stealling than skill. If he nad less noob protect, that Nurnberg would have consumed him. Not mentioning a Kraken at ~40k dmg done… Definitely not deserved. Seriously, please don’t show such replays..

  17. i actually was about to blindly buy it, as i do most ships. I watched this video and have changed my mind, Ill stick with Cesare for now

  18. Tirpitz dispersion without the turtleback, secondaries or torps. . . for all it trades in AA and such, it would be nice to have accurate guns at least.

    I Think the same play (which is nothing impressive) in a Tirpitz or Bama would have yielded better results.

  19. Honestly this gameplay was trash and mainly because of the player… I even had a better first game in Roma: top tier 96k dmg kraken, not that much but considering 2 of those kills were because I pushed 2 dds, feels fair to me, after 10 rounds in it, let me tell you I was really surprised by the guns, yes, guns are troll AF at ANY Range but, the high alfa, great penetration and specially the Survivability+Concealment+Maneuverability (Great armor, 11.2 km with right upgrades, 30 kt with 12.5s rudder) makes up for it to the point that it even feels like an odd ship, weird pens and citadels on angled ships while you lol-bounce salvos, its tankiness is just great, until the 7th game was when I died for the first time and it was a RAM (I was in a face off vs an NC and the game was about to end), on each of those games I was supporting capping dds and being right in the action, averaging 85k dmg overall. My general impressions for the people thinking on buying it are: If you like Passive gameplay this is definitely not the ship for you and should avoid it, the skill ceiling seems to be at least Above Average (remarking the “at least”), guns are Troll, 9 guns with 1.8 sigma is just troll, troll, troll… tho with Aiming System Mod it has the same dispersion NC has at 18 km so, at the end is at least better than German BBs!, anyways, most of the time you will surely live (If played well) to get another salvo off, she is an overtime damage dealer unless RNGsus loves you. My final word would be that Roma is balanced and I cant imagine it having a better sigma and not being OverPowered…
    Edit: almost forgot to mention that the AA is just garbage if not specd for it, I dont have any AA upgrade and could barely deal with T6 USN CV, maneuverability is key to not get wrecked by CVs.

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