First Game Back After Christmas – Bourgogne (de-rusting)

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite:
WoWs RU Invite:

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  1. Zachary T (Resident Digimon Enjoyer)

    I’ll be getting this ship in June once the coupons are back! Super excited. I’ve been casually grinding for years!

  2. Your rusty game is a game I’d be very happy with. Survived to the end, did over 120k, flank didn’t fail.

    • That is what I thought. For some players 120k is very decent, I think sometimes PQ is losing the feeling for the playerbase

    • @David Tavani Nah I don’t think that’s the case at all. Man makes decent videos with a naked thought process and a pleasant demeanour. He’s just set himself a higher game floor for what he’s happy with, no harm in that.

    • @David Tavani I don’t get that vibe, he just has a high standard for himself. Given its his job I can’t blame him.

  3. The Yoshino Player was actually pretty chill in chat. Nice to see

    Overall the chat at the start of the Match was friendly

  4. @MasterZ I personally play stalin more stern in, long range. I feel like burn time and lack of fire prevention make this shit very easy to farm out especially when cv is still around

  5. theres a good reason bourgogne is on 1st on every single steel list

  6. Zachary T (Resident Digimon Enjoyer)

    I’d love to see some constellation gameplay and to hear your thoughts on it.

  7. Jędrzej Wrotyński

    There could be also another episode in the series of “The Best …” dedicated to special ships that left like ZF-6, Hayate or Smalland also about those that are not available for new players in the game anymore…

  8. Good to see u back. I would be interesting by seeing u playing your S tier from your chrismas videos last week.

  9. I had a similar debate and I picked Bourgogne first. I now have the Stalingrad, Plymouth, incomparable, Austin, Mecklenburg, and if I had to pick again, I’d still go Bourgogne.

  10. Stalingrad is also a great ship but the Bourgogne is useful in a lot more situations imo.

  11. Your and Sealord’s videos are my go to for learning how to play ships and what ships to get/avoid. Hope you know how helpful you are to the community.

    • Sealord is not a particularly good player overall, he is a good guy but his experience and knowledge of the game are vastly inferior to someone like PQ. Definitely a nice guy tho

    • @Stefano Crosazzo It’s actually why I watch his videos still. PQ can push a side and have people show him full broadsides all day. Sealord seems to get players who actually try to avoid torps

    • @Skerra 1234 because sealord doesn’t play and play until he gets a good game. He posts what ever mediocre footage he gets. Another part of the low effort I was talking about.

    • @Josiah Moore Or, those are his good games…. Sometimes PQ says certain things are unusual like getting a fire set on you every second volley. Or that a certain ship shouldn’t pen his bow. Meanwhile I’m sitting here watching, thinking, “it’s not normal to get 10 fires set on you a game?

    • @Josiah Moore that’s just showing a realistic match, which some people appreciate. That’s why i like PQ’s one take videos, they aren’t cherry picked games

  12. I’ve only had this ship a few days and it’s already my “happy place” – when RNGzus hates me, or my team largely comprises of Pommes de terre, or I get nuked back to port in under 5 minutes for playing like a starchy tuber (all of which happens a lot), I take Bourgogne out for a spin. Even a bad game in it seems better, somehow.

    • @Padan Fain interesting. I get pretty consistent results from her guns. If I have a flat broadside, I pop reload booster. not every single salvo hits well but with that volume the damage is great.
      I also hate HE spamming so I often go dark and brisk somewhere else where I’m likely to catch someone’s broadside.
      But true, she plays nothing like the classic BBs, which imo are very boring to play in this passive meta 😀

    • @Padan Fain – Sure, I’ve had games in it where I couldn’t hit the wall of a barn from the inside, but that happens with every ship. It’s still probably the most consistent BB I’ve played. I get far better results in it than Slava, Yamato or Ohio. I haven’t really played through the French BB line, so I really can’t comment on Repu.

      Moreover, it just feels fun to play – even during the weekend warrior blowouts, when your teams just seem to melt or barely leave spawn.

    • So I checked the stats, and av damage is 122k a game in Bourgogne, almost identical to Slava and towards the higher end on average. Go figure. Just doesn’t feel that way when playing, the stats don’t lie i guess.

    • @Spreadie then of course, I take her out to check. Get 210k and a krakken…Go figure!

    • @Padan Fain Bourgogne resisting your analysis. Typical truculent bloody frenchie! LOL

  13. I can’t wait for the their 7, 8, and 9 ship their lists. I loved all the videos over Xmas with the their 10s

  14. PQ. Just throwing this out there. As an idea to help flavor the Italian BBs, What do you think of a 35k coal commander with buffed IFHE?

    Would give them a viable secondary build at the cost of fire chance.

    Also open to a UU for Columbo that gives it the Verde treatment. SAP secondaries, but HE mains.

    Just a thought.

  15. Great Vid. Got her first upon your recommend; no regrets. Was my hi dmg until I got the St. Vin. I was actually surprised you were Canuk, no accent at all, no “A”s. Our oldest son (Grand Prairie) is QUITE obvious from his speech. They had something like -50 on the 22nd.

  16. I finally got my 1st steel ship after playing for like 4 years. I picked the Incomparable. I have failed myself for the last time. I knew Borg was better, even the Meck. Ugh.

  17. Adamska Shalashaska

    I like how you just laugh at the frustrating moments

  18. Your laughs always make my day.
    Much love from Switzerland

  19. PC!! How did you get that magnificent skin for the Bourg?? Great game mate and HNY!!

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