FIRST IJN Submarine in the GAME

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  1. max divetime 2 minutes is not very much

    • Regenerates like 3 seconds per second though.

    • @College Student It’s still a tiny amount regardless of the regen rate which the player has buffed with captain skills. It has the lowest dive capacity of all the subs in the game.

  2. 9:16 Submarine Radar works standard Radar doesnt work against Submarines.

  3. Waou ! Most op than t10 !

  4. Best 🔥

  5. A perfect example of how the general spud has not learnt to deal with the new class. Absolutely fucking hysterical. Well done sub player, shame on the players you sank – They were really shit.

  6. Why dive time is so short.

  7. Well, if they add I-400 or I-13, it’s over

  8. El hecho que logrará ganar sin usar el ping es lo que hubiera hecho mejor a los subs, de esta forma se le exigiría al jugador a aprender como los dds y sus torps

  9. 호밍 기능이 없고 잠수 시간이 있는 대신 어뢰 장전시간이 짧나보네

  10. I love how the Japanese Navy mass produced some of the biggest and arguably most advanced submarine designs along with the USN and yet here they get a dive time that’s not even enough to cook instant noodles

  11. So I’m guessing these IJN SSs are going to be more like slow but ultra stealthy torpedo boats?

    • The I-56 has extremely bad concealment ^^ I guess a DD could still do better. You can’t dive ofc but I would take that extra maneuverability over those 2 mins of 2km concealment with no way to spot enemy subs

  12. this sub makes Kagero, Yugumo and Shimakaze look weak

  13. I expect the return of a collaboration of appregio of blue steel anime
    arp i-400 , i-401 and i-402 as premium subs

  14. Omg you a fkin troll! lol 14:52

  15. I love the new I-56! It’s super fun!

  16. What a steaming pile of 💩 this game has turned into.

  17. sin torpedos guados como tendría que haber sido todos los submarinos excepto t8 alemán y todos lo t10 excepto el británico

  18. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Yeah, that’s broken lol

  19. Smart playing without using sonar ping.

  20. Soon there will be subcarrier

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