First Implacable match – F2P World of Warships

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So I finally got my tier 8 british tech tree CV, Implacable, and this is my very first match in it.

WoT link

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. First time to being first. GG flambass

  2. Never had any good games in that carrier. I always get tier X matches.

  3. fun end engaging! the drama of putting yourself in the thick of it to pull of a high risk maneuver which turns the game. Oh wait…

  4. That Salmon go lost or something? o_O

  5. After furious implacable feels like such a downgrade. Everything just feels so much weaker compared to other cv’s, obviously the spotting is still there but it’s probably the weakest tier 8 cv from all of them

  6. 06:28 “Did you see that?” The WoWS equivalent of a golf gimme. Is WG that lazy in rendering a torpedo hitting a ship? Why not bring out Nukes then if you don’t want to hit anything?

  7. Why is there WoT in the bottom left corner?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the sponsorship he picked up, and the 50 new accounts via link he needs to play a random.

  8. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    I love Cv gameplay commentated

  9. So… CV Main confirmed?

  10. 3:00 “Tripped over a bra…” Boy, u made my day 🙂 I enjoyed watching this vid Flambino, still a channel with good entertainment. Just… nah, don´t sing pls 🙂 Little constructive critic (pls allow, I am german): chat on top of chat is suboptimal imho, pls change it back

  11. at 10:40 you can see the smoke creating the next puff, i knew you gonna miss xD

  12. Is there a skill being shown here? Other than being an annoyance on ships that have no way to fight back… it looks boring af.

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