First impression of Vermont in World of Warships – slow but insane guns – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. Today I present you my first impression of upcoming US Vermont. While the ship is slow, not really tanky and has quite average AA it does feature a great advantage when it comes to firepower. Not only has the Vermont the strongest broadside in the game, it also is really consistent and makes this battleship extremely powerful. for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Alternative title: every thing bad except guns.

  2. 2:04 that joke never get old… always make me laugh

  3. Listen to those wise words about starting small as a streamer! Also for more words of wisdom come by the stream and get them first hand 🙂

  4. You can bring the entire US population on that ship

  5. I wish GK have that turret’s firing angle

  6. Don’t go all french on us now 😀 9:40

  7. That ship is literally bigger than the state of Vermont

  8. Zat german Laugh!

  9. I came here to see the Vermont, i’m still here because i saw Trenlass having so much fun and i appreciated it.

  10. Btw, yes, the Montana is kinda futile imo, a fun ship in some case, but Vermont has some real firepower on her guns to show up.

  11. Mediocre start in vermont, half way into game already breaks average dmg in montana. These shells had more pen than yamato at greater than 15km. In this game you angle slightly vs a montana and the ship cant damage anything.

    • @jay Vee Its high skill minimal reward. Im unicum in most every BB i have and still would rather not play montana.

      Like i dont disagree thunderer is to strong. But anything montana could do something else could do it better. The shells just dont have the pen or the damage to be rewarding the way most other bbs have.

    • @Andrew SchneiderMontana is rewarding when hitting broadside but it is difficult finding broadsides. If you want a Montana that is rewarding, get the Ohio.

    • @jay Vee Tbh ive found the best version of the montana to be the GK. More consistent main gun damage (yes im aware how pathetic that statement is lol) and even the PR is a better montana imo. Just not as tanky

    • @Andrew Schneider Best way to buff Montana is to improve it’s pen angles on the shells so even though it has the smallest guns at tier X the better pen angles let it do more consistent damage.

    • @onebigfatguy i actually agree. ive been saying that ever since i unlocked montana. Give it improved pen angles.

      The ship litterally has zero pen outside of flat broadsides. Same with the iowa. Which frustrates the hell out of me. The Iowa has more penetration than yamato past 18km. Shell weight/sectional density.

  12. Man vermont gives as much pollution as the entire state (look at those stacks )

  13. This video has convinced my to grind the new line.

  14. God Kansas is such a grind, but after getting Vermont I love her slow as she is and other stuff the GUNS make it, thank god Vermont is gud waiting 40 seconds for a crap salvo is de-moralizing

  15. As it stands, you slog through two mediocre (if not outright bad) ships to get a “decent” tier X. Surely there’s a better way to give this line its own flavor without making them OP.

    For example, the ships in this line should have better dispersion and sigma than their contemporaries because, being slower and wider, they would be more stable gun platforms. They should also be given more powerful engines so their acceleration and speed retention is improved to balance the lower top speed. Finally, the line should have either the improved US BB heal or improved secondaries so mid-range brawling (which is inevitable since you’re too slow to disengage from closing enemies) isn’t a death sentence.

  16. Potato_quality laughts at you when you underestimate the Monty

  17. you know what wg does to godlike guns. nerf time.

  18. Its Trenlass swigging Vodka?

  19. Shh, the guns suck. Terrible guns, nothing to see here.

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