First Look: Carrier Rework // “The Year of the…”

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NB: the background footage used is from the first test that the CCs got to try out, the subsequent closed beta server did change a few things.


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  1. I think the tier ax’s in the hands of exp player are lethal.

  2. It sounds like it’s quite a way off, in terms of enjoyable gameplay at least. But if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

  3. The old CV gameplay would probably just be in Blitz then.

  4. One thing I noticed is that with the planes returning directly to the carrier after they make their attack, you can’t bring them home the long way round, so the enemy will always know where (or at least in what direction) the carrier is.

  5. The torpedo bomber mechanic looks incredibly OP. If you are capable of making multiple attackruns in one fly out, a lot of the time ships will just flood to death after 2 or 3 drops. How can this be considered a good idea?

  6. As Flamu pointed out, games without CVs are better than games with them. Four CVs in a game ruins it.

  7. To me the main issue I have with this is that there isnt really a threat. You dont have to avoid or dodge or think about positioning, its just damagefarming.

  8. Did some quick testing myself, and while I think the whole direct control of your attack squadrons is a great step forward it didn’t feel as easy to get into/understand as the current model. In addition, there needs to be some better info on the changes. Notser pointed out in one of his videos that the ~ button opens an AA sector control option, so if you need more AA firepower on your starboard side vs port side. Plus with the ‘loss’ of DFAA drops aren’t scattered so unless they properly balance AA, a large squadron can just absorb losses to ensure an accurate drop.

  9. We’ll have to wait and see what changes they make to fighters, AA, and carrier ship control. There has to be an effective counter to repeated short interval wave attacks. This might even entail reworking how Repair and Damage Control Parties function. If the players of the other classes – perhaps even the carrier players themselves – come away from this with the conclusion that their ship is nothing but “meat on the hoof” for repeated air attacks – that they’re simply window dressing for the enemy CV player to farm damage with repeated DoT attacks or to be CV sniped – this could end up being a controversy on a level with WG’s initial proposals for changing Preferential MM Premium Tanks in WoT.

  10. I disagree on the point that this test wasnt about AA. They forced us to play the surface fleet so the AA mechanic was absolutely fair game for critisiscm and its terrible as it is, nothing to do with balance. Its abundently clear there has been very little thought put into how any surface fleet ship can counter the carrier rather than the only interaction being that they are farmed for damage. The whole thing is far too onesided. If they cant resolve this then they should do the only option thats left and remove cv’s from the game completely as Wargaming appear incapable of balancing them on a class v class basis

  11. It looks as if Carrier gameplay might appeal to World of War Planes players…
    I wonder how long it will be before they introduce Attack aircraft into World of Tanks…… Gulp…
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz..

  12. Little bit of misinformation in this one. There is a cooldown on planes, meaning you can’t just spam the same plane type over and over again. This only applies to planes that have been shot down though, planes that make it back to the carrier are immediately added back to the reserve. This means if you lose a whole squad and try launching the same type of planes immediately after, your airgroup will probably only consist of one or two aircraft. Otherwise this is a good piece of feedback on the rework, it’s still in need of a lot of work, but imo it’s heading in the right direction.

    • Ah, that’ll be one of the changes they made for the public test then, I had limited time so I didn’t get to play any carriers, only one or two games against them.

    • it was a good test just don’t know how effective it’ll be against real players on the live server as bots aren’t like the real deal …. they have a lot of bugs and lagg to sort out as well as every thing else . this will take time as I understand they want it to be polished and perfect when they release it .

  13. I like the new play style. I got the Langley and Hosho right after Closed Beta. Practiced in the Training Rooms for a while then played 1 COOP game each in which I sucked big time. They have been Museum Ships in my Port ever since. With this new play style I think it will be time to give them a try once aga0in.

  14. Slow planes are indeed boring when you need to cross the map…but isn’t that true for most ships? Putting the carrier closer to the action would mitigate that at the cost of increased risk, as it should. WoWs is a slow paced game, and planes are already the fastest. The time spent flying may even be counted as the ‘cool down’ you mentioned, in which case it is still too quick.

  15. ok so I’ll say pretty muc hthe same as I did on Notsers vid: As much as CV gameplay seems a lot more fun and accessible for the people playing it, it does just about everything else wrong. It’s far too easy to farm damage, especially with all the D.O.T’s you can easily set. Planes can still drop torps immediately after flying over a tall island. With long and medium range AA being made into something that can be dodged, fleet support AA has become meaningless. I’ve watched another video where someone uses a torpedo bomber squadron on a Montanta (from a Midway) that was right next to a Worcester and yet every single strike wing got through to deliver the drop, they usually then got destroyed after the drop but then who cares, the damage has already been done and the CV can just pick another squadron with no penalty. With CV’s now getting essentially unlimited aircraft, does that mean we can now expect AA mounts to become invincible or will playing CV’s just get more and more easy mode as the battle goes on? with fighter squadrons now a consumable essentially for self defence, where is the incentive for CV’s to have teamwork? they are just a purely damage farming class. there seems to be virtually no delay in getting a fresh squadron into battle, they launch, speed boost and are at the target within 20 seconds so even if you somehow shot down an entire squadron, who cares another one will replace it nearly instantly! lastly, will the 2 per team MM still remain after the rework because just imagine co-ordinated work by 2 CV’s you could literally be getting dropped by some type of plane every 10 seconds for as long as your ship survives (which I’m guessing won’t be very long) ok, rant over now 😛

  16. after playing in the testing .. as a CV concept yeah it works and I personally enjoyed it . yeah there is tons of work to do and not just balancing …. the UI is still very laggy and I am sure the devs are working hard to improve this . hopefully the next testing session will be soon and we shall see different improvements . but I think they are going in the right direction . it just the beginning …… watch this space ……

  17. I think they have gone a wrong route. They should’ve kept different and multiple squads, but took out the control from the hands of the player.
    They should’ve made it so you’re the captain of the carrier, not the squadron commander… And then WG is free to balance the places using “bot logic/programming”
    As for the carrier player, maybe give him some different strategic options to pick from (beside moving the ship)… heck give control of the secondaries like main batteries.
    Those strategic options could be “very aggressive” / “Support the fleet” / “Isolate lone & unprotected enemy ships”. .. then launch a squadron, can’t change orders until dead/returned.

    IMHO it would’ve balanced the “RTS aspects” WG has an issue with, and still felt like you where controlling a damn ship !
    Of course the whole game has a serious DoT issue going on right about now, so I HOPE wg actually balance the new rework appropriately, otherwise it’s going to be very painful.

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