First Look // German Battleships / “Consistently inconsistent”

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Ahead of my main , I’ve decided to do a short one looking at the line as a whole, trying to capture what I think the “feel” of the upcoming BB line is meant to be.


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  1. The t10 is borderline OP in the right hands. 15+ point captain & reload mod
    is pure devastation. I’m enjoying her so much I’m actually afraid of nerfs
    in the future.

  2. Reason why the German WWI era BBs weren’t upgraded was because the majority
    of them were scuttled in Scapa Flow when Versailles was signed. Versailles
    also prevented the Germans from possessing ships of greater than 10k tons
    aside from a few pre-dreadnoughts.

  3. Oi Jedi!
    Stream when?

  4. The tier 9 and 10 are based off of design documents from germany that
    russia captured when russia invaded and pillaged germany (much like how the
    only Maus heavy tank is in a museum in russia)
    They are based off of the H-39 and H-41, allthough the H-41 that is not the
    one found in wikipedia.
    Germany wanted to build these ships, but they didnt have docks big enough
    to build them, and the D-Day invasion kinda cancelled plans on those docks
    being constructed.

  5. UK cruisers incoming, finally

  6. I suggest you take a look at Flamu’s review if you have struggled with the
    Grosse kurffzzz or something;)

  7. Honestly, i’d like to hear those refutations because i haven’t heard one
    yet that stands up to basic logic.But then your Jedi with Caption Guy’s
    Aid, not random frothing internetz guy like most ;).

  8. It ever occur to anyone that in WOT the German Maus was the biggest until
    the Japanese Type 5 heavy came along and now in WOWS the Japanese Yamato we
    the biggest until the German tier X came along?

  9. considering wg just made up tier 9 and 10 couldnt they have made something
    good? from what ive heard they are shit. why couldnt they have made them
    follow the trend of the bismarck?

  10. Legend says if you say PointyHairedJedi in the mirror three times Caption
    guy will appear and give you a full body rub down.

  11. General Saufenberg

    if i get my hands on the nassau, bayern, gneisenau and bismarck, i am fine.
    i couldn`t care less about the tier9+10 ships…

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