First Look // German Cruisers / “Oh, the huge manatee”

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‘Cause every time you play the tier ten, guess what you’ll be saying to yourself.

Exustio’s comparison spreadsheet:!128&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AEYMJQpoPBd2Q7U


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  1. Having a 4km buffer zone at the maximum edge of your gun range where you
    can spot your own enemy ships to shoot at, fire at them, and not be spotted
    only JUST on the end of overpowered? C’mon Jedi, don’t bullshit anyone. the
    very fact that the Russian DDs can completely break the camo mechanic and
    be invisible snipers and light ships up with 130mm HE guns that are almost
    as fast firing as USN guns is beyond the end of overpowered.

    There should never have been any such thing as invisi-firing. When a ship
    fires it’s guns, they should be lit if there are enemies within their
    maximum gun range. PERIOD.

  2. Ye canna change the laws of physics….. I’m struggling with a high
    velocity shell with a high arc. Logically a higher velocity shell should
    have a flatter arc to the target as gravity has less time to work on it.
    still historically the KM did go for high velocity, lighter shells so that
    part is correct but they did it to have super high armour penetration at
    short & medium ranges.

    I dont suppose you know if the german ships have the graduated armour
    scheme (rather than all or nothing) which they did historically?

  3. @PointyHairedJedi: I don’t usually feel like really ragging too hard on
    mistakes but i feel the need to in this case because they’re so huge. Don’t
    worry i’m going to do it nicely ;). :p.

    Actually if you want to use any of these graphs i’ll link in a moment feel
    free :), also enjoy the picture titles :p.

    First i wanted to point out that as a rule the KM ships do have the RoF
    advantage. Whilst the graphs don;t sow it the T2 and T3 have the best fires
    per minute values at their tier:

    RoF Graph Linky:

    Second they actually have amongst the best average dispersion values in the
    game, (values are per kilometer of range), staring at T5.

    Dispersion Graph Linky:

    Also they actually have the best shell velocities in game from tiers 5
    through 9, in particular look at the T6 vs the cleveland. The cleveland is
    known to have taken a massive effectiveness nerf from it’s shell velocity
    drop at the start of OBT.

    Shell Velocity Graph:

    Also an AP DPM graph, (of course Tiers 1 to 4 care more about HE and fire
    chance. But the t1-3 are competitive there, trading he damage for fires per
    second), just to show how the RoF translates into the real world with their
    lower per shot damage values.

    AP DPM Graph:

    Also whilst you noted it, here’s a handy Hitpoints graph:

    Basically what i’m saying is that contrary to what you said they actually
    have the best RoF, Shell Velocity and Shell dispersion values in the game
    amongst CA’s across a big part of their level ranges.

    You are however spot on about the poor HE DPM and fires per minute, (i can
    graph those too if you want one), with the exception of the T2 and T3
    having very competitive fires per minute.

    IMO the T4 and T7 are going to be stinkers but the rest fairly good.

  4. Does “that tank game” even exist on this channel anymore Jedi ;)Still, im
    not too sure on these German cruisers :P

  5. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    Wait, did you choose the name FloppyHairedSith? Or is that WarGaming trying
    to be funny?

  6. Petrus Sillanpää

    They can’t be worse than Furutaka. They just can’t.

  7. Miodrag Mijatović

    Considering the interwar Kriegsmarine doctrine, the Kraut CAs function as
    surface raiders – able to outgun anything that can catch them (including
    enemy CAs) and to outrun anything that can outgun them (like enemy BBs).
    Thus, one has basically to kite the other cruisers in these things, which
    works best on the Ocean map :D

  8. maybe it was me not being very attentive, but you seem to jump around your
    point al lot this video and I found it hard to follow. Summing up what you
    were trying to say every 10 or so sentences might be helpfull.

  9. Russians? Overpowered? Who could of possibly predicted that?!

  10. If you are right about the German cruisers and they are gonna be like that
    when they go live I’m gonna be super disappointed for I love the real-life
    German cruisers and I was super hyped for playing them and I think they are
    probably the only reason I play WoWS, just so I can get enough free EXP to
    grind through them all as fast as possible but I’m not so sure I want to
    play WoWS anymore if my favorite ships are gonna be the worst ships in the
    game and have no advantage in anything :´(

  11. the german cruisers “hat” is besides range the really fast shells, 960m/s
    on konigsberg 150mm and 925m/s with hipper 203mm
    by comparison tone has 840 m/s on 203mm

  12. you find 2km more range “small” advantage? :

  13. Jedi i love your videos and your commentary but this game is so shockingly

  14. I probably play WoWS more if the ships didn’t take so long to get back into

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