First Look // HMS Indomitable / “Incapable, ineluctable, incompetent”

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No really, I love it, why would you think otherwise?

(This ship was provided by WG for review purposes.)


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  1. PHJ in a CV?

  2. That’s some good marketing copy right there. “HMS Indomitable, the new tier 8 premium British carrier. It’s laden with disadvantages.”

  3. Meanwhile HMS MALTA, aka. Da REALZ Tier 10 Limey carrier, is nowhere to be seen.

    • Do you mean the cancelled Malta-class CVs that were supposed to succeed the Audacious-class or do you mean the one-and-only unsinkable CV of the RN, HMS MALTA?

    • @Astral43

      The successor to the Audacious class.
      I have a suspicion that we may see her as a premium ship in the future.
      That along with the carrier Shinano and USS FDR or even USS United States.

    • I mean, the question is what does Malta class have different than the Audacious class. Audacious already has a one up lead for being actually built.

  4. Christer Prestberg

    Laughing Kaga noices in the distance ^^

  5. it doesn’t matter Sir ” She is British don’t you know “. . . and I have been saving for her .
    and yea I have a graff Zepp too . . .mad as a hatter me lol . thanks PHJ for showing her .

  6. And rather “conveniently” released just in time, to do the last two groups of directives for the PR, where you need to start X number of fires and get X number of bomb and rocket hits with a carrier. Color me surprised……

  7. wow,, they should have at least given you that 3 squadron on deck , of either fighter or bombers.

  8. It’s no surprise the planes are fast, they’re Sea Hornets. Basically taking a Mosquito and saying “how can we make this smaller, more streamlined, and faster?”

  9. What did you expect wargaming will never make a good British ship they will always be average or below average ships , and they soon nerf any British ship if the cc,s say it’s over powered

    • les rush As someone who’s unlocked Conqueror, Minotaur, Daring and Thunderer you’re dead wrong. Conq is a fire setting zombie, Mino is a DPM monster, Daring is the best knife fighting DD in the game and Thunderer is ridiculously accurate with insane devstrike salvos. British ships are great, Indomitable is the exception not the rule. Let’s hope any future Illustrious-class ships live up to their excellent wartime performance.

  10. Cool paint job though

  11. As I have just bought the Vanguard (my Royal Navy shall be complete) this one may push my completionist need for all the British ships hard as I do not like CV’s and it is a tier 8 Prem so will not be cheap!

  12. Another ship that is intended for filling up Xmas containers so WG can pretend those things offer value instead of being an outright con.

  13. One WG employee disliked this video. Is Earl Grey still on ‘holiday’?

  14. Man, that Z-46 was swatting those planes pretty good, and that DD doesn’t have AA that impresses me.

  15. Thank you for the timely video. I am happy WG doesn’t release OP ships all the time, it’s good for the f2p population 🙂

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