First Look // HMS London / “Lil Smokey”

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  1. First vid watched, already subbed. You explain very clearly and calmly, you make very interesting comparaisons and your voice is a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the good work.

  2. A British CA with smoke? I should get it! Wait-a-minute, lets see if anyone has a review first. PHJ might be able to talk me out of this…

  3. Jedi, Aoba has 10,5 seconds reload on her 6 guns

    • Well there you are, I should have said Pensacola – I knew there was SOMETHING with the same reload at tier 6, just derped on the right one.

    • @PointyHairedJedi Yeah, Pepsi has the same reload but a heavier broadside AND better AP. The way the RNCA’s have been handled is an honest to god headscratcher for me. Poor london could’ve been so much better…

  4. Blink twice if they’re holding you hostage

  5. I bought her because it’s HMS London and it shouldn’t be bad… Yah, I agree with you. She’s not bad on the level of Yahagi or Krasnyj Krym, but she’s paying heavy price for the smokescreen that is of questionable use :/

    WG seems like: “We don’t want to add overpowered ships. Let’s play on the safe side and make it a bit under-powered then to risk it’ll be overpowered… Oh, have you seen our new Russian cruisers?”

  6. The ship is underwhelming. They nerfed it too hard in order to give it that smoke. Better shells and reload needed. Recommendation – don’t buy the ship. It feels like the Genova – only slightly better.

  7. I find it a bit better than you have…but I think your points are spot on…thanks for another great video!

  8. Well said Pointy enjoyable but disappointing at same time

  9. The HMS Heavies have been quite a disappointment to me honestly.

  10. Remember a year ago, when the test version of Exeter came out with a smokescreen consumable? Wargaming declared it too powerful for Tier V. The community response was, overwhelmingly, “This is a cool concept. Maybe give it a couple of buffs and move it up to Tier VI? It’ll be usable in operations and more people will be likely to buy a Tier VI premium than a Tier V” WeeGee replied “Nah, we’re just going to take the smoke off and call it a day.”

    Everything I’ve seen so far about London leads me to believe they dusted off the old test version of Exeter, did what we asked them to last year, and released it as a brand new ship. A ship that looks and feels power-crept the instant it hit the live server.

  11. I’m not a fan of PEF in random battles, buuuuuuut… I’ve racked up nearly one and a quarter million stockpiled xp on mine by abusing its strengths in Operations. It was the first ship that I got a 19 point captain on.

  12. I believe the “grindable”, but underwhelming, cruiser that escapes you could be the Genova.

  13. I got the Exeter in a krate and find it enjoyable to have 203 mm guns at T5; I wonder they didn’t release it with the smoke they had in Test? can you imagine it blapping the other cruisers at that level? A shame this fine class of cruisers from our past haven’t been given a fair reflection of how they actually performed.

  14. What good is smoke when the enemy team has radar and at 13,4 km range you are almost always inside range of their radar? Also, you would ALWAYS be spotted by some invisible ship. And when enemy starts shooting you get reduced to like 5% hp in seconds. literally.

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