First Look // HMS Vanguard / “Leading from the rear”

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Better late than never! Which is sort of appropriate, considering Vanguard’s career…


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  1. 3rd view. My best ever.

  2. No pointy haired fire … 🙂

  3. It hasn’t set your hair on fire? That’s a hilarious way of saying ‘nothing special’. 😉

  4. I was making dinner during this, so perhaps I just missed it, but did you mention the amazing CA-tier rudder shift and small turning circle? It’s pretty great.

  5. Good luck on the ring (i vote 4 u), dont stop making vids keep up.
    Love from asia server

  6. I just saw you are at like 70% in the vote for the Grand Finale. Congrats! The pressure is on now. 😀

  7. For me Vanguard plays like a big cruiser with some BB qualities if only we had a term for that I do not know something like a Battlecruiser (which is odd as she was not although was a fast bb). If they had created a new class of ship called Battlecruisers they could have given a lot of ships this kind of play style rather than split them between Cruisers and Battleships :).

  8. it’s rubbish isn’t it. sorry.

  9. I really enjoy her. Especially the surprised face of that Nelson I sunk, who was still under the review impression of her being rubbish and got quite a rude awakening.

  10. HMS Unspecial ?? 🙂

  11. The turrets do look puny, too true.

  12. Did you just state increased rudder shift was not worth it on a battleship? What? Seriously? It’s pretty much required. How long have you been playing this game?

    • It’s still worth having from my 3 plus years playing. If you are playing to a decent standard it gives you more time to angle and more time to mitigate torpedoes. It won’t change the turning circle but it does help a lot for me. If you just snipe or static bow tank, less so.

      I’d still take it for most battleships. Handy for bringing rear guns to target between volleys of the enemy then angle again.

    • It’s a reactionary module, swinging the rudder over quicker in response to having to make a sudden course correction. You can mostly mitigate the need for that by using predictive manoeuvring rather than reactionary. Using the example of torpedoes, a lot of the time you can very easily predict when or where somebody is going to fire torps and make adjustments to dodge them long before they are spotted, the extra rudder shift is pointless in this case.

    • +Skringly I disagree, it can and often does make the difference between taking one torp or no torps or three plus. Also handy when a CV goes for you. It’s a solid maneuvering bonus.

    • Im with PHJ, you dont need it on Vanguard, she isnt like your usual BB, she turns as good as most cruisers and if you get torp bombers getting near you then you have not put enough into your AA (which is very powerful out of the box but inceeasing its range slightly also helps).

    • +Tony B I was not saying for Vanguard.

  13. “Tier IX game, plenty of tier VII to shoot at” ??? LUL, since when Hinden and Zao are tier IX? 😛 A little bit of Jingles moment, huh? 😀

  14. Vanguard did not begin as a Lion class battleship, only two were ever laid down (Lion and Temeraire) and both were scrapped. Vanguard was built to a modified Lion design with wartime experience leading to several improvements over the 1939-42 Lion designs. Sadly, Wargaming do not seem to understand how armour schemes worked rl, seemingly making the inefficient and poor ‘turtle backed’ scheme very good, whilst making the armour schemes of the ‘all or nothing’ ships very much too easy to hurt seriously. The US and UK did not raise the armour deck high up in the ship without good reason, shells would not pass through by enough to reach the vitals even if the armour was pierced, whereas the turtleback schemes saw any shell piercing the armour explode in the vitals themselves, as well as offering a very nice angle to any shell fired from medium or long ranges.

    • Ooh, that’s a good point, I totally misread Wikipedia on that one. It wasn’t laid down as one, two others were laid down, but they realised they could finish a modified design faster from scratch, which was Vanguard.

    • @+PointyHairedJedi – Cheers for the reply. I spent years studying the 20thC naval forces, and it is a bit of a shame how Wargaming have failed to understand how shells worked. Vanguard was quite a good ship, indeed very good given the ships she was intended to engage, which did not include the Japanese, as they too only had 15″ guns of various performances. If you wanted to chat more on the subject let me know?

  15. There’s an interesting story surrounding HMS Vanguard. when she was towed out of Portsmouth in 1960, her cable broke and she ran aground. that in an of itself isn’t odd…but then you remember where her guns came from. at least one was pulled off HMS Warspite…and we all know how much of a fight that old lady put up on her way to the breakers. It’s interesting, almost as if the Grand Old Lady’s fighting spirit came to Vanguard somehow.

  16. Typical game for me in this:- stay well back to ensure it goes back into concealment after it fires. If I get 50 hits then 50% of the hits will be over pens, bounces, and shatters. I get very few, very rare citadels on cruisers. It really is hard work to get enough damage. You’ll have more fun in the Tirpitz or Massachusetts.

  17. James T. Bigglesworth

    TL:DR; I am rarely the star of the show, but I am always a solid performer. This is a ship for the “merely” good player, not the unicum.
    I love my Vanguard. I broke my previous damage total of 146k (from tVI Cleveland) in her by 26k. I love her Rudder Shift and Turret Traverse speeds. Her guns are way more accurate than my Tirpitz and I can consistently land hits and regularly take out big chunks of health with AP, though lots of bounces and shatters are apparent against angled targets. I rarely use HE, but it does what HE is supposed to do. Her heal is fantastic, and she is fast. She does take damage all over, but being careful mitigates the danger. She’s by no means a tank, but I play her everywhere up to mid-range and she’s up to the task. She does not need the turret rotation nor rudder shift equipment as her base configuration is up for everything except the close range brawling you are not supposed to be doing anyway. Her AA defences are pretty decent; not enough to hold off a determined attack on you alone, but then what is? In company with other ships you do well taking out the aircraft, and her rudder shift and manoeuvrability definitely help in dodging torpedoes and bombs.

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