First Look // Jean Bart / “The indomitable Gaul”

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These broadsiding cruisers must be crazy!


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  1. A new video? this soon?
    Well, ok ( also first )

  2. What happened to Wargaming’s promise that they would NEVER directly sell any ship higher than Tier VII, and also said they would NEVER directly sell any tier IX&X ship. Please ask them about why they’ve gone back on their word

  3. There is a t9 plane in WoWp as well – so it’s not the first cash ship across all their games.

  4. I saw the price and lost interest in buying it immediately. Maybe in a year or so when I have the coal.

  5. Prefer the handicap yamato (musashi)

  6. thinking of getting it, but sill waiting for information on Alaska using coal or free exp :/

  7. Re-Class Battleship

    I caved in before she came out and bought Musashi with coal.

  8. Pretty sure Salem is treated as a semi-premium ship rather than a reward. As it has the premium ship rewards such as half repair costs but not the higher credit co-efficiency of a true higher tier premium.

  9. As far as using coal for this, will that go on longer than the sale? Sorry if stupid question…

  10. Gonna call/rename my Jean Bart to Jeanne d’Arc… cuz well I’m a Fate series (anime) fan xD
    I’m a derp, dont care, lol
    Another great video btw ^^

  11. Well I did think of one positive factor for making it also a premium for pay ship. The stats will mostly be locked in and they will not be able to nerf it as easily down the road. :/

    But yeah I wish it was available for free xp as well.

  12. I purchased this ship at lvl one now lvl 13, but have experience on mobile and youtube viewing experience 😉 doing well though

  13. Better buy a gpu with that price

  14. WG: Did you hate the Tirpitzs that sailled around doing nothing because they were bought by people who hadn’t even gotten to T6? Great because now they will also be able to contribute to the outcome of your battles as much as DD AA but at T9.
    Playerbase: Thank you! It’s everything I never wanted

  15. Seattle? lol

  16. Nice vid PointyHairedJedi!

  17. I think this ship wil be just fine. It’s a bit OP in capable hands and totally frustratingly mediocre in potato hands. I’d squint my eyes and call that ballanced.
    Not buying it, though, I have better use for both my coal and money. 😀

    • I can’t help but remember when the Molotov came out and I was convinced that was kinda OP as well because I was running around smacking everyone so hard with those glorious 7″ guns, but of course in the long run that hasn’t proved to be true at all.

  18. I really wish the WarGaming would sell the Flint directly instead of making it available only for steel. If they did sell it for cash, I would buy it in a second.

  19. “with a citadel on a low health ship… because those are the rules”, LOL! Made my night…

  20. PHJ, thanks for the video. Good questions all.

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