First Look // Le Terrible / “Whatever ‘Caveat Emptor’ is in French”

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Oh dear. Well, it’s not like we didn’t tell them…


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  1. perfect troll =)) le Terrible is terrible

  2. I mean, great review and all that – definitely not buying it, but the thing that won’t let me sleep, tonight will be what kind of animal was trying to get into Jedi’s cup of coffee at the end of the video.

  3. Well the name says it all terrible

  4. Marten Van Der Schaaf

    If the le Terrible is out now. When will the Jean Bart be released?

  5. Guessing you were not fond of that ship. Looks horrible. I think I will beware and not buy it. D.

  6. Thanks for the warning. It’s in the name even. Wow…

  7. This ship is bassically a MUCH worse Aigle… uptiered by two tiers.

    Awful is being generous to this piece of shit. I loved Aigle I think it’s a splendid T6 DD. But this?. This is an awful meme that costs more than 30 bucks.

    Someone must’ve sniffed too much glue at WG’s HQs to release this garbage can in this state; selling this crap should be labelled and prosecuted as straight up theft XD

  8. Every CC review I’ve seen of this (before they announced it was hitting the store) said it still needed a lot of work. Apparently they didn’t listen to any of the CC’s on this one. I kind of like the Aigle, but this one is a solid ‘pass’.

    • By the sound of it the ccs on the RU server like it – but that may just be another ‘clever plan’ by the Ruskies……

  9. I think they took the name as a challenge…

  10. Gotcha, Le Terrible is… terrible.

  11. I have the Kidd and it’s a fun ship, thanks for saving me money. Hopefully they’ll listen and buff it with something.

  12. Caveat emptor isn’t used in French or Spanish, if they did they’d not sell half the places 😀

  13. Thx… you saved my money!

  14. Baby Khab. I like her.

  15. I wouldn’t have yolo’d a cap against t10’s with radar and dakka, but I’ve played a few games with them on my team and they died quickly (npi) in those games. Usually first.

  16. Le Terrible…. more like it’s fawking awful…

  17. But it shoots faster now! Obviously the speed is not enough to avoid getting hit from everybody.

  18. The French are saying “Vat is zis? Ze name was not meant to signify ze performance! Sacre bleu! Casse Toi, Wargaming! Your muzzer was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! I fart in your général diréction!”

  19. ‘Que l’acheteur prenne garde’, if I remember my French correctly. Basically means ‘buyer beware’, but you could guess that from the first 4 minutes 😉

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