First Look // Molotov / “Now with added Stalin!”

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Following on from the Texas, we come to a very different sort beast – basically an upgraded Kirov, a tier higher, it manages to be basically better in almost every regard. Perhaps it may even prove to be a little too good…


World Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at .eu

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap, damage counter + clock


  1. ishizuchi have premium match making

  2. Its the cocktail ship.

  3. Alright, I gotta ask: IN the first replay I saw a pair of ships called ‘ARP
    Haruna’ – What are these? They look like Kongo-Class Battleships. *I’m an
    NA player, so I remain ignorant of these things*

  4. 14:04 I bought my Molotov, nothing has changed state wise! You have to
    figure that this ship – it definitely has a skill cap. For an inexperienced
    player, it will be VERY easy to die, and of a CV focuses you without your
    defensive AA, you are pretty screwed.

    So while the guns ARE amazing, and definitely the most powerful for the
    tier, the ship as a whole is not. In fact the Budyonny will likely do far
    better in more situations due to the great DPM, not to forget that those
    152mm L57 soviet guns have a LOT OF penetration! I have citadeled North
    Carolinas, Amagis, and many other lower tier BBs in my Kutuzov – which uses
    the same guns as the Budyonny!

    No doubt these 180mm guns have even better armor penetration – but nowhere
    near the DPM. So, I would say that the Molotov is as balanced as it will
    get. If the guns are needed to Kirov levels, this ship will become
    ABSOLITELY pointless! The Budyonny already has a good deal more HP,
    literally DOUBLE the Armor on the citadel, and an AA suite that will
    actually kill many a squadron, as well as the maneuverability to more
    easily dodge torpedoes and dive bombers!

    So yeah, Molotov guns are OP, but the ship is if anything UNDERPOWERED –
    apart from that amazing main guns!

  5. I looked up the Soviet 180mm guns on and there is ACTUALLY
    some historical accuracy to the difference between the Kirov’s 180mm and
    the Molotov/Donskoi 180mm guns.

    And that is because the 180mm guns actually were 203mm L50 guns which had
    been jacketed down to 180mm, which brought the barrel length to L60.

    Well, the resulting guns were INSANELY powerful! Capable of achieving a
    muzzle velocity of 1000 meters/sec with a 215 pound projectile!

    Problem was, that at that velocity, with the guns having a rather simple
    jacket to make them 180mm in bore, and with the velocity of 1000 meters/sec
    it turned out that the gun could fire ONLY TEN ROUNDS before the jacket
    needed replacing!

    So, here is where things get fuzzy; The initial fix was applied to the
    Kirov class, and that fix was to use a “Tight jacket liner” and cut the
    barrel length from L60 to L57, the result was a much lower shell velocity
    of between 800 to 880 meters/sec, and the guns could now fire a good
    150-200 rounds per barrel with absolutely no issue.

    But this guns was not what the soviets wanted – they REALLY wanted that
    1000 meter/sec velocity! So the guns were tweaked a bit more and got a
    newer “Loose jacket liner” – which is what allowed the guns to achieve 920
    meters/sec for again, IIRC 150 to over 200 rounds per barrel before the
    rifled jacket needed replaced.

    So this is why the EXACT same guns, with the EXACT same ammunition (both
    Kirov and Molotov fire HE-32 and AP-32 shells) – but a rather DRAMATIC
    difference in velocity!

    I had to do a good bit of digging to find out this information, and even
    then: There are MANY different reports, some of which contradict each
    other. But this is not unusual for USSR Era Weaponry, even though it is
    many years down the line and none of this is intentionally classified
    information, the actual test data is still very hard to find – as a LOT OF
    actual information was lost when Stalin died and the Iron Curtain fell and
    USSR became Russia again.

    Still I find it quite rewarding to LEARN all of this historical data! And I
    hope you find what I have said interesting!

    For ANYONE whom likes to do some “Historical Sleuthing” about naval
    weapons, I would HIGHLY recommend going to www – that site
    alone has a truly IMMENSE wealth of historical data regarding EVERY ship
    weapon ever known to have been designed!

  6. How do you make the port screen menus diappear?

  7. Anyone noticed a pattern with Russian premiums in Warships…? Is there a
    Russian premium which is bad…? Or “just okay”…? xD

    Oops Jedi may have mentioned this in the video…. ._.

  8. Well, it’s out on the NA server… I wonder how much it was tweaked. :)

  9. The ship is mint chocolate.

  10. “Why did they make it so good.” SO they could sell it then later nerf it.
    They still get the money at the end of the day. They do this all the time

  11. Pointy, you mentioned that there’s no such thing as premium matchmaking for
    world of warships. That’s incorrect. The ishizuchi has preferential

  12. wtf is going on in the 2nd replay with the CV planes.

  13. Ironically the Slava (as I prefer to call her) came on sale earlier today,

  14. Its on the Premium shop already…. I do think . the best premium spips in
    general is in tier 5 and 6, If you have the STANDARD account. The repair
    cost at tier 8 – 10 is very high with no premium days. Beside its more fun
    and action game at tier 6 than tier 10.. all BB camps at the back..
    Moltov is a good CA but not as good ad Body… weck AA, Weck armor and
    turns like a stone . You cant kill DD as good as Cleveland.., but in
    general is a good capitan traineer … and one of the best creditmaker

  15. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    WoT player watching for the first time a WoWs video. Ahh only 2000 health

    wait wat?

  16. It could be my brain making it up; is there some odd interference/feedback
    kind of sound distortion when PHJ talks?
    Love the viddyahs still brospeh!

  17. FluidLoneknight

    Jedi you say there is no Premium MM in World Of Warships Yūbari says hello
    it has limited MM

  18. I like how all soviet premium cruisers crush all other ships at their tier
    with the guns. That’s really pay to win.
    Didn’t know that they changed their policy completely.

  19. Amazing that a ship that in real life was a bit of a lemon becomes a super
    cruiser in WoWs… no bais there then.

  20. The Aoba has 10km range torpedoes. And the Aoba was made for fighting
    destroyers, and so it has the huge guns that penetrate destroyers under the
    waterline if you use AP.

    But we expect Soviet ships to be OP. So it can do more damage. No bug deal.

  21. I really do think the Aoba is better armoured and protected thn russian
    cruisers. We shall see I guess.

  22. Before people rush out to go get a Kirov (because of some of the
    similarities with this premium ship), just be aware it is very much a glass
    canon. 9-50mm of armor means you can’t take fire from pretty much anything.
    Even head on BB’s will really hurt you (or kill you in one salvo). You have
    been warned. :)

  23. “wargaming might tweak it before release” wargaming then buffs then turning

    wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if that happened

  24. dont forget about the gremyaschy its also a little bit to good ive had one
    of those citadel me in my fuso plus it has pretty good torps sure it has
    sucky turret turn time but it can kill stuff so quick

  25. Moar russian OP stuff from Wargaming? Color me shocked

  26. Finally WG makes all other ships obsolete. Tier IX guns on a tier VI
    Yep why not, its russian. so? -.-

    At least by the look at it in the videos, it seems that the molotov could
    be a bit good.
    And you can tell WG that it is good, unlike other ships, it will never get
    nerfed ;)

  27. Chris_The_Autotech

    @PHJedi A perm ship just can’t have good main guns? Its got god awful AA
    and just barely enough “armor” to stop it from getting citadel’d when nose
    on, but show any kinda side to a T6/6+ cruiser and you’ll find yourself
    regretting the experience, but it’s OP cuz its got good main bats forget
    all the negatives. Its not op, its good in certain situations where you can
    use those guns on unsuspecting prey. Just pray you don’t have a CV on the
    enemy team who happens to spot you! NO WAY IS THIS SHIP OP! To many
    negatives along with the smaller health pool balance this out quite nicely
    I think.

  28. I see the major weakness of this shipp as being unable to fight when
    surrounded by enemy ships where an aoba can put some torps far out, the
    Clev can put AA and secondary fire, and Nerum can do a bit of both of those
    when close. They all are decent escorts. So i think thaat the Molotov is a
    gunslinger and personal survival ship

  29. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Nice video, i really want this ship 🙂 I think that the ship is balanced,
    because is like the Nurnberg or Kirov, is so fragile.. And they already
    nerf the reload from 10s to 12.5s.. Is a total glass cannon, for me the
    Kirov feels the same, i citadeled everything with Kirov but if anyone
    decided to unleash an AP salvo to me i got rekt.. For me is a good ship,
    but it isnt noob friendly, you need to know about situational awareness and
    stay at range because if you show your broadside or youre the primary
    target of the enemies youre going to get rekt..

  30. first

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