First Look // ORP Orkan / “Radar Love”

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World Warships is a warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Just picked the Orkan up myself…it’s a neat little boat, and feels balanced.

  2. Pretty sure Hsienyang has radar, then again someone would probably have to play that joke of a ship to find out!

  3. a collector tier ship, torps besides being usually EU weak but fast, are being reduced to single launcher, no smoke, AA is weak, guns average, and only gimmick is radar – potent but very situational… every few games you will completely ruin life of some smokesitter capper – especially if you have some cruiser backup – just spot capper, he drops smoke and slows to stop, then you radar him up and blaze away with impunity protected by enemy own smoke
    I fully expect it to shine in t8 ranked in right hands, provided no cv present
    So, DD mains who know exactly how to fknifefight over cap, and Polish navy fanatics only, or “gotta catch them all” premium collectors

  4. Yamato firing HP now come on Jedi no need to be saucy 🙂

  5. Must admit I would have like WG to have modelled the AA on ships like the Tribal class destroyers correctly. They had very powerful fleet AA but very week close range AA which caused them to go the Haida route to improve this. So long range should be great and the rest as is currently instead of the no range no power AA it has now (Cossack that is).

  6. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    The lack of smoke often means you get a lot more spotting damage than you might with any other DD that can spend a fair proportion of the match firing or hiding in smoke, and I think you’ll find that is one of the things contributing to the XP you are receiving. You might also look at the amount of potential damage, which I can’t swear that WG are using in calculating action to reward, but they should be, as shots fired at you that you survive are shots that didn’t go to an ally and kill him.

  7. Hmmmmm, so far the best way I’ve found to make the Euro DDs work is as torp boats with occasional gunboating if I can catch an unsupported DD. And they’ve reduced the torpedo power and upped the guns 🤔🤔🤔
    Not sure but a great summary 👍

  8. 27:22 – I don’t play WOWS, but wtf is the camo on the Loyang???? I mean, the ARP ships looked cool (as I like the anime), but the Loyang looks like it was decorated by Michael Bay! 🙂

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