First Look // Saipan / “It’s completely differented!”

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In a first for World of Warships, the game has gotten a premium carrier – but, rather than just being a copy of the existing tier 7 Ranger, the Saipan is in fact something unique, mostly thanks to its unusual plane loadout.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap, damage counter + clock


  1. I wonder if they’ll ever do a premium version of the Shinano as a Japanese
    CVL. I’d love to see that beast show up, sometime.

  2. Great video for a ship class you don’t play very often… but what does any
    of this have to do with “House of MacJedis”? ;)

  3. Too late, now it has been renamed the USS Senpai.

  4. If they are adding a prem carrier why didn’t the go with the Enterprise?

  5. If only they spent as much time on non-premium lines.

  6. Its so good to know that WG has a uniform attitude toward their premium
    “deals”, like WOT premiums. Just enough so that you feel like you are
    competitive at that level, but not be really competitive. What do they do?
    Design a premium, then Serge (or whatever the fuck his name is) comes over
    just before it is released, and takes his jar of flies and sprinkles them
    all over the ointment. Then walks away giggling maniacally, that he just
    stuck us in the bum again. Exactly what is the attraction that his tiny
    little man part has for for our arse holes? Why does WOT have an
    adversarial relationship with its paying customers? Its like if you buy a
    new BMW 5 series and just before delivery the service manager sneaks over
    and disconnects one of the spark plugs. When the freak is the CEO of WG
    going to fire this asshole?

  7. As far as i know the bomber airgroup is 8 planes not 3 ??
    Did a quick check on my account (NA) and the divebomber airgroup is 8
    planes not 3.

  8. I’m fairly sure the dive bomber squadron is bigger than three planes, the
    other review I saw said it gets a squadron of 7 or 8 dive bombers but with
    a really long turnaround time for it.

  9. Used bombers last night, 0 dmg, 1 fire on a BB, RNG is brutal

  10. I noticed at the beginning of the video you mentioned the dive bombers only
    have three squad members. According to Jingles the dive bombers are very
    unique in that they have 8 squad members. I suspect your conclusion that
    the fighter heavy setup is still the weaker group is accurate, even if
    there’s the occasional detail missing.
    Thank you for the review, I don’t think I’ll get this until I’ve at least
    played all the way to tier 7.

  11. Saipan’s saving grace seems to have been intended to be how fast it cycles
    planes I suppose. only 3 planes to re-arm per squadron but less powerful
    squadrons… So with the second layout it can torpedo drop more often than
    any other carrier… I’ve seen a few play and be better than other same
    tier carriers but making statement on their performance is beyond me.

  12. BB-35 is the only meaningful reason I play World of Warships. I’m still
    peeved I cannot get BB-33. >:-(

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