First Look // Scharnhorst / “Always ahead”

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The main branch is almost upon us, and, as Wargaming have decided they quite like this “money” thing they’ve read so much about in the popular presses, we’re getting a new German leading the way. In some ways, however, it’s a very odd beast indeed…

Edited to add: If you saw the bit about price here, that was actually the gold cost of something else entirely, so ignore that bit – we don’t know prices yet!


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

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  1. Having this in enemy, I can tell, unless the player is really good, noobs
    are going to suffer. This thing cannot stop 410mm and 406mm shells.

  2. Victor Gigante (Vicroc4)

    Sink the Bismarck!

  3. Scharnhorst and sister, Gneisenau were Panzerschiffe (Pocket Battleships).
    As we’re the Admiral Graf Spee and her sisters. Faster than a Battleships,
    better gunned and armoured than a Heavy Cruiser.

  4. Nice Vid thx Jedi.
    bit unsure about 2ndarys not worth it tho.
    Ther eight be only few (fewer) but from all the vids i saw i have the
    feeling german 2ndarys are more accurate then others. I see more then
    average hits in all the scharnhorst vids i saw until now…since main guns
    have uite massve armor i would even try to concider a 2ndyry build up to
    slot 1.

  5. What they are doing with the Gneisenau is like not giving the Tiger its
    88mm gun to sell the Japanese Tiger.

  6. **wails and gnashes his teeth**
    **shakes fist at screen**

  7. @PointyHairedJedi: I suspect the point with the mogami is that the 6″ were
    allways supposed to be the stock guns in the same way the 76mm is the
    KV-1’s stock gun in WoT for example. The 8″ were supposed to be the
    upgraded gun everyone used once they unlocked them the same way the 85mm is
    on the KV-1.

    I also suspect it’s part of warship’s general attempts to make stock ships
    less usless than is the case with the Wot coupled with WG’s “Premiums
    aren’t worse than normals anymore” policy, (though honestly the warships
    team does that way better than the WoT team IMO).

    They’ve basically got the issue that if they want the 11″ guns to be
    workable on the premium, they have to be good enough for T7 which means
    either the 15″ would become a sidegrade, or they’d be completely
    overpowered if they were made flat out better. Forcibly separating them
    avoids that.

    Really though the way people prefer the 155s on the mogami is endemic of
    everything thats wrong with warship IMO. The underlying mechanics that make
    them so much better in so many circumstances just represent great huge
    issues for warships in general. ut that’s another talk for another time.

  8. Dommel || Overwatch

    Geiles Video! ;3

  9. The thing is, different calibers on Mogami or Russian cruisers doesn’t
    really affect their gameplay, whereas here 283mms play completely
    different, to the point a single ship in German BB line could struggle to
    perform typical BB role, which is fighting enemy battleships on equal
    footing without relying on torpedoes.

  10. I think it’s a pity that wows won’t really try to get several top
    configurations on ships (like the idea was for top guns in wot), because i
    think that it would opt for more play styles. yes they did it with the
    mogami, but they nerfed the 155 guns to the point where they are less
    competitive then the 203mm ones.

  11. I don’t get the whole talk about the Mogami guns. imo the Mogami has be
    best(!) set of guns because both choices are playable, unlike the guns for
    most other ships…

  12. Its a shame crap dispersion is the theme of german bb’s the Tirpitz can be
    incredibly frustrating even pointblank broadside it can miss horribly

  13. Alexander Schöneberg

    Maybe you could show the stat windows before or after the battle videos?
    It’s kinda annoying if i want to follow the action and half the screen is
    filled with stats.

  14. My credit card stands ready. I love the history with this and its sister
    ship. Can’t wait to have games with HMS Belfast vs Scharnhorst :).

  15. The Gneisenau was in the middle of having her turrets swapped when she was
    sunk, her 11inch guns were then mounted in fort mountings. I can’t find the
    picture of the Gneisenau without her turrets, but I have seen pictures of
    that. Meanwhilst, I do have a picture of her turrets mounted in
    installations. I can only theorize that WG chose to give the Gneisenau the
    15inch guns, and not the Sharnhorst, is because Sharnhorst didn’t even
    reach the conversion process.

  16. From my experience, ships that generally play like they normally should
    stay in the tech trees, while unique playstyle ships are the ones that
    become premiums. And premiums are loaded with the unusual. For example, the
    Atlanta. And I think it’s a good move as no one wants to grind a ship they
    don’t ‘get’. So 11 inch Gneisenaus would have been really confusing for a
    lot of people forced to grind it out to get to the Bismarck. And putting
    both options on the Gneisenau would then invalidate the Sharnhorst as who
    would play a ship with only one gun setup when they can play exactly the
    same ship in the tech tree with two.

    By the way, the secondaries on this thing can be monstrous. Nagato has
    more, but half of them are AP which are *useless* since they can’t start
    fire and won’t necessarily hit a part of the ship that gives good pen. On
    the other hand, the secondaries on Scharnhorst and the rest of the german
    BB line can burn up other battleships and rip huge holes in DDs.

  17. It’s a Battlecruiser, fgs learn about ships before you comment on them.

  18. I can’t wait for the Bismark, which has the same in-game range on her
    secondaries as the Yamato!

  19. The Moskva’s guns are barely bigger then regular cruisers, they are only
    16mm bigger then the other cruisers, nothing really special, they are like
    only about 5% more powerful.

  20. They killed the DD in that last match is why it ended a bit early.

  21. How ironic I just put out a video on the Dragon kit of this ship today as
    well on my KitMaker channel. :D

  22. You’re not breaking any NDA:s with this video, are you?

  23. so, is the Hei coming to play in NA or is it an EU exclusive?

  24. The Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau was Battlecruisers/pocket battleships…
    They should not have big battleship cannons! they should have small
    battleship cannons/big cruiser cannons! The historical cannons are the only
    cannons that fit their actual ship class!

  25. So, people are complaining about not having to shell out both XP and
    credits to get the tier appropriate cannons on the Gneisenau . . because
    reasons, of course . .

  26. Wish they would make the graf spee as a premium ship.

  27. when is WG going to split the classes up ie heavy cruisers, light cruisers,
    battleships, battle cruisers. For the Sharnhorst is a battle cruiser. Will
    the Graf Spee be a cruiser or a battleship when it was classed as a pocket

  28. If Wargaming are insistent on the Gneisenau on having those 15inch planned
    guns, then they should switch the places of the Scharnhorst and the
    Gneisenau. Since Scharnhorst was the lead ship of the class and Wargaming
    like to have the lead-ships of their classes in the tech trees.

  29. hehe jingles is triggered over this

  30. What would be the difference between the two sister ships gamewise if they
    both had torps and the same guns ? Where would be the incentive to buy the
    premium ship if they would be exactly the same ? ^^

  31. WarGaming are grabbing for money with this ship though. No question about
    it. They’ve realised and accepted that players won’t pay money for bad
    premium ships.

  32. It would be great if the gneisenau got an option, I mean, why not? I do
    like that it gets the 15 inch but an option would be better

  33. any clue as to when we’re likely to be able to get our grubby little mitts
    on this fine vessel?

  34. I wanted a ship with this gameplay style for ages, then it finally comes
    out and it’s Premium only lol. I won’t spend $40+ on one ship so I’ll have
    to hope that Gneisenau plays at least similarly.

  35. rly… a t7 BB with 10.9K doubloons?? No moneys 4 u Wargays

  36. If the gneisenau is anything as armoured as the sharnhorst, I would
    immediately go down the line then. I take back what I said about the german
    bb, a nagato and maybe a colorado would never survive the barrage of fire
    from all of those guns in the beginning of the 1st match. Having that
    armour would make rank play so much better.

  37. 10900 gold? That’s more than a T8 cruiser (Kutuzov), are they serious?

  38. CynicallyObnoxious

    Damn thats a sexy ship

  39. For gods sake WG, release it and take my money. I want

  40. the issue with the gneisanau guns does annoy me i like to have options and
    i like to work out what i personally prefer why not just let people have
    the options? i think its really dodgy how theyve decided to do it. i
    honestly wouldve liked to choose between being more of a cruiser killer or
    a traditional battleship. its always nice to have options. think of it like
    the t44 in wot. some people like to use the 122 on that thanks to the peek
    a boom playstyle those guns offer i preferred the rof over the out right
    alpha damage and id have liked to try both options in the same way and it
    sucks they dont want to even offer that.

  41. Hmmn going from Mingles with Jingles to a German Prem preview video on PHJ
    its quite the rollercoaster lol

  42. Kind of sounds like the T-10 of Warships: fast, not “full fat” Heavy/BB
    armour, bigger guns than Meds/Cruisers, gun/guns fire quickly but are a bit
    derpy. :)

  43. defo gonna pick one of these up for my self…any Idea when it’s gonne be

  44. also, Jedi, the term is Battlecruiser

  45. ha 69th view

  46. Wow wow wow, first video of this ship so far for me Jedi. I can just
    imagine you sitting at your desk with your finger hovering over “upload
    button” (or whatever it is that you Youtubes people do) waiting for the NDA
    to lift ^^

  47. looks like the nda is gone. vids popping up all over the place

  48. First! Oh GEWWD! xD Shared on

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