First Look // SMS Viribus Unitis / “RNG shall save, RNG shall protect”

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Because, oh boy, you’re going to need it.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I like it so far. Great review, thank you.

  2. Perhaps WG had the wrong “Unification Day” in mind, as in from the 1930’s…..

  3. And this may have been the fate of the Guilio Cesare as well, if it had been uptiered to Tier 6, but for the peasant revolt staged by the player base….

    • Giunio Bruto had the same issues the VU is now facing but one tier higher: namely low hitpoint pool, short range and inadequate AA. These two ships are not Russian enough to be given proper buff to compete: the VU is actually a tier IV +1/2 and GC is a Tier V+1/2, something that is historically accurate, but you cant survive tier VI carriers in VU as you couldn’t survive tier VIII carrier in Giunio Bruto. BTW the lazyness of WG has been shown here with this mindless release (Because they had the model and were not willing to store it until a solution was found) as they were not willing to remodel GC to Caio Duilio/Andrea Doria standards which would have actually worked as a tier VI Premium BB.

  4. And lo it was christened the Virtually Unusable

  5. I haven’t bought any Premium Ships in the store for the last 6 months. Looks like it will remain that way for a while longer.

  6. Thanks for the good stream last night and for the CC Conteiner, 😊👍😊👍😊👍
    May the force be with you

  7. Much like Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and I think Giulio Cesare it’s actually a 2nd gen dreadnough, first one built by Austro-Hungary and thus a bit wonky in many ways, and unlike the other two, Okt. Rev has been modernized a fair bit and Cesare has more or less received a complete reconstruction. This thing is exactly as built and just as old as the other 2nd gen dreadnoughts back at T4 like Wyoming, Courbet and the Kaiser etc.

  8. well… this is depressing

  9. Warships port shows you that data. I think its under Profile across the top, and then the Summary tab and from there you can see info on all the ships you have played

  10. They’ve thrown it out to get some Vodka funds, such a pity as it could have been a nice little earner for them. 👎👎👎

  11. what does that sink want now?

  12. 12 guns at tier 4 is a problem? That’s the same as:
    Arkansas Beta
    Imperator Nikolai

    And that’s only 2 more 305s than:
    Courbet (has 12 guns but only 10 on a broadside)

    And then there’s Orion with 10 343s

    None of these are considered overpowered (ok…maybe Nikolai), but this ship would be? Get real man.

  13. This ‘whoops I meant to say’ disclaimer is getting more prevalent.

  14. Guns are fine, but the firing angles aren’t great, armour is meh, it’s slow and no AA. This is pretty much destined to be another port queen for me. I’m less than whelmed

  15. Absolutely should be a T4 but I have no doubt is a T5 because anything less than T5 is pointless for grinding in WoWs. T4 games don’t count for missions or grinds. A lot of players know this and won’t bother with anything less than T5. So, Wargaming want peoples money. This ship was released with no fanfare or attention and just feels like they tried to hide information about it so people would buy without checking.

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