First Look // Soviet cruisers (2-4) / “Spammity-spam”

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I may or may have not forgotten about the existence of an entire line of cruisers… but I was just testing to see who notices, of course. Yes.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap, damage counter + clock, Aircraft carrier name target markers


  1. On the Bogatyr, looking at the shell arcs and flight time, I’d say you’re
    using the 130 mm guns in the replay. One other advantage with the 130 mm
    guns – you get a much faster turret traverse with Expert Marksman skill (24
    seconds) than you do with the 152 mm guns (31 seconds). The 130’s have
    flatter shell arcs and look to have higher velocity, making it much easier
    to score hits on the target. IMO, the increased hit percentage you can
    achieve with the 130 mm guns will far outweigh the lower damage per shell –
    also the increased fire chance along with a higher percentage of hits. I’ve
    been setting anywhere from 4 to 10 fires per match, even in co-op battles.
    I shudder to think of the carnage and the salt that will pour forth on the
    forums, once someone takes the time and trouble to put a captain with the
    Demolition Expert skill in one of these.

  2. Jedi you scrub! The Dresden (German T2 cruiser) has 105mm guns ;)

  3. How did you get the Saltire on your ship Jedi?

  4. So far, so good. I have to say that I like what I’ve seen of this line so

    Not just from you but other sources of course.

  5. I appreciate you approaching content for these new tech trees in the way
    that you are Jedi. It seems as though everyone else is more interested in
    getting the first video out of the tier 10 for “dem clicks” 😉 But no one
    seems to want to bother to give us an overview of each ship (even the lower

  6. @PointyHairedJedi
    What ever you do.
    Do not make the same mistake as Baron Games did.
    He made an over 40 minutes long Video on the entire Cruiser line.
    And. Not. Once. Did he ever mention the Radar at all . .

  7. Nicely informative and looking forward to the next ones. Thanks.

  8. ‘ello Jedi, just a nit pic detail that isnt a stat listed in the port
    stats. the Svietlana has ridiculously good torpedo arcs. She can nearly
    fire them forward, torpedo arcs that would make the Atago jealous 😛
    (and, until the tier 9 Dimitri, she has the best range on her torps for
    russian cruisers)

  9. Spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam?

  10. 1st video i have seen of yours. very good looking forward to the next few

  11. Please Jedi, dont forget about the German cruisers in the next videos :D

  12. Giles Ward (Bishnar)

    Nice summary of the first three tiers. Looking forward to the others.

  13. Loved the stream yesterday! Keep the amazing work Jedi! Btw, do you know
    when the new cruisers will be available?? Have a nice day!

  14. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    I’m here early time to make a joke.

    WT ‘realistic physics’

  15. Hey Jedi. Small nitpick: Dresden has 105mm guns which are smaller than the
    Novik. The advantage the Dresden has is a larger number of 105’s.

  16. Thanks for the video – I liked the way the cruisers were presented.
    Later, Matt

  17. Kolberg loses out to Bogatyr with 105mm guns, but they are even more spammy

  18. welp we at least get to see for ourselves in a couple of days. i just got
    out of the horribad Kolberg and just gonna have to endure the Karlsruhe.
    either Jedi hasn’t played the German cruisers or simply is disregarding it.
    mostly likely he forgot about them

  19. This game seems even more dependent on teamplay for victory than WoT. It’s
    good to catch up on new additions. The last time I played the russians and
    germans weren’t even in the game. Thanks for the upload Jedi.

  20. More HE spam ships!

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