First Look // USS Alabama / “Unlucky A”

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Oh, Alabama, you could have been so nice – but here irony steps in, as what was in fact a much more modern armouring scheme ends up working very much against it, within the context of .


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  1. USS Face first!
    (see what I did there?)

  2. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Great video!! Definitely buying

  3. Thanks for the review, very well done. So, in short…the Alabama will be a $47 piece of junk.

  4. Wait, wasnt this only for supertesters?

  5. BTW: Air spotting literally does not matter past 11km. Aircraft have at most 11km acquisition range.
    The 2 biggest problem with this ship is:
    High citadel over waterline
    less armour total covering the rear…
    THAN A DESTROYER! (Khaba has 50mm belt, 32+16mm for Alabama and by that extension Iowa class)

  6. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I’ve stood on it and had the guns fire, this version of this ship is vastly disappointing.

  7. Stupid Question from a non WoWS player: What is Sigma Value?

  8. You can’t punish cruisers at close range because of WG’s retard proof citadel overpen mechanics.

  9. Wow that was a really weird first full game replay. It was like 10 minutes when you killed the first enemy and they had killed like 4 on your team. I guess the cyclone was to blame. Speaking of cyclones… I think they need to tone those down a bit. Sometimes it’s like game after game of them.

  10. Having carrier players leave you alone is a pretty concrete benefit of strong AA in my book. If they bother somebody else instead of me in the early game, that means hopefully they’ll get sunk before they can get around to dropping torpedoes on me.

  11. I was looking at the way the armor viewer shows the lower portion of the hull. It’s like 1000% incorrect in terms of the overall shape of the hull. I actually had a Missouri model close at hand and compared it to what the viewer is showing for the Iowa (same class). They show the hull going down to sort of a narrow bottomed hull (like a sailing ship). That is not the way BBs hulls are made (for displacement reasons I believe). Anyway the hull of the Iowa class (and I believe the others as well) is really wide and flat. So for example on the Iowa the height of the hull is about 50% of the distance as the entire flat bottomed width of the bottom of the hull. Anyway considering the whole way this viewer would seem to work of the CAD designs I found that to be a very odd way they are showing it.

  12. Well done.

  13. Great video and astute observation. I already have the Graf Spee, and I don’t really need another premium cruiser with battleship guns and a heal :/

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