First Look // USS Black / “Smell the Balance”

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Now that we know what the final changes to the Black are going to be, will that make it any less problematic? Somehow, I have my doubts…


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. “I love the smell of balance in the morning!”

  2. did jedi just call the flint, the flu?

  3. Could it be that Wargaming is trying to attract people to play ranked battles? It seems that I’m hearing more about the Black than the Flint…
    And Jedi, the way you said Missouri was unique and funny.

  4. What is the first / last box next to the chat area?

  5. If they move the radar to the smoke spot, it may even be balanced

  6. Release Caption Guy from the dungeon!

  7. And WGs next balance trick will be allowing Battleship launched planes to drop torpedoes. Thank the starts this will be as rare as Unicorn crap. If you are good enough to get ranked 1 multiple times you are good enough to ROFL stomp in most ships already in the game. This and the Flint are not needed. I guess WG are too stingy to give out say, 7 or maybe 14 days prem time when you reach rank 1. Or heaven forbid a few hundred dubloons.

  8. “You’ll get that sinking feeling when you see one of these on the enemy team”

    Jedi, with these puns you are really spoiling us.

  9. The only thing I am going to say for WG’s thought process, and you touched on it, is that you need to rank 1 five times in a row. And the way Ranked is going and the headache there of, is it really worth the soul dredging pain?

  10. just wow ..awesome panic play.. I am impressed

  11. Well seeing the heartache it has taken me to reach Rank 3 in the current ranked. The odds of ever seeing these in game are rather tiny. The Flint is rare enough and that is relatively much easier to get. I normally quit at Rank 5. However, this season, the rewards are terrible for ranking up but I decided I really want the Rank 1 flag. It will probably take me another 2 weeks to get to rank 1 and it is 50/50 that I will make it. At this stage, the slightest misplay from anyone on your team and that’s loss. A player taking 30 seconds after the game starts to enter the match. That’s a loss. It is brutal.

  12. I really would love for the B hull of the Fletcher to change the bridge to the square bridge that the majority of the Fletcher Class had (Fletcher herself was rebuilt with one during her first wartime refit I think–she definitely had one by the end of the war). Or perhaps a C hull, that maybe gives you a bit more health and possibly some more maneuverability (I’d LOVE to see the speed upped from 36 knots just slightly because the poor girl suffers at the hands of Russian DDs…I know at least a couple of the Fletchers made 37-38 knots on trials).

    I know its a bit off topic but you mentioning she has the wrong bridge structure jsut made me think of that.

  13. I don’t think a ship’s rarity gives it license to be overpowered. The fact that the ship will likely first end up in the hands of very skilled players just makes it that much more of a hazard to game balance.

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