First Look // USS Hill / “Knickerless”

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One thing I didn’t mention when talking about being able to buy it is that the Hill only appears to be available to buy as a bundle right now, and a quite expensive one for a tier 5 DD too.


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  1. I looked at the grind for both ships and decided not to bother. Once I actually worked out the sheer level of hours required. Absolutely not worth it. Getting a T5 and T9 DD with the current meta of DDs being quite difficult to play with all the radar, hydro and CV spam. Total joke actually and the fuel tokens would mean having to repetitively play the new Savage mode (or what ever this ridiculous nonsense is actually called, some Mad Max bullshit). Which to be blunt is a bit shit. It’s OK for the first dozen or so games and then you realise this is all it is. Nah, hard pass from me.

    • Just to add, to get the required credits in Savage mode. Someone calculated you’d have to do around 500 matches in that mode to get the credits and with there only being 850 fuel tokens available. You absolutely have to do this, plus the daily grind. Miss a couple of time gated situations and everything is for nothing. Pathetic. WarGaming really fucked up here. They released a terrible game mode and put in stupidly obnoxious requirements to get the DDs and by all accounts the T9 is the only one worth having anyway. Plus we all know that in a while the T9 will be available to buy or for coal, steel, free xp etc.

      Even if the reward ships were the Gremlin and the Kronstat. I’d still not bother. I seriously don’t want to play the Savage mode and the thought of having to play 500 games of that crap. Yeah, good way to get me to not bother playing WoWs again.

    • that game mode is absolutely for the braindead, same map, retarded 4 team system, hydro which is way to OP in this setting, another imbalanced game mode for the mouth breathers

  2. Not sure if this ships is really meant to represent DE-141, Jedi – the Edsall-class had very different armament, performance and silhouette compared to this. This is a fully equipped DD; I think just as with the Nicholas it is a paper ship. It does closely resemble the Mahan-class, especially with regards to torpedo and gun layout, but that class had no USS Hill.

    • Definitely a paper design for a proposed upgrade to the Clemson class that went nowhere, much like the Nicholas. There are some hints in the special flag they’re awarding to go with the ship, which indicates it’s named after William Lowell Hill, who was awarded a Medal of Honour for actions in 1881, and not Edwin J. Hill as with DE-141. Having some difficulty following up with concrete data that’s readily available.

    • It does look remarkably like a Mahan, if it were a flush decker with the P turret and torpedo launchers swapped in position.

    • As WG are not budging from the CV rework, and are just “tinkering” (very polite way of putting it, PHJ), the fun that has been sucked out of DD play will not return. Accordingly, any grind involving DDs above tier II is … work: hours of hours of hours of something which is not fun. And unlike work, the rewards are meh.

    • I had questioned this early on. It isn’t meant as the 1943 USS Hill. DE-141, named after the Hill who died at Pearl Harbor… But is rather a paper version of a sort of hypothetical Nicholas/Mahan style DD, named for an older Hill awarded a Medal of Honor in the 19th century.

    • Since this is obviously not a DE of the “Edsall” class, perhaps, given your review of it, WG had a different “Edsel” in mind…..

  3. I bet this ship shines when WG adds subs to the game (looked closely at the depth charge racks on the Hill’s stern yet?).

  4. Holy (US) smokes, double Jedi video week. Good times!

  5. “Knickerless” its how I play WoWs!

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