First Look // USS Kansas / “If ennui was a battleship…”

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  1. Fun fact: The Kansas actually has WORSE AP pen than the Colorado 1 tier lower. It uses what use to be the ‘stock’ shells on the Colorado, combined with the 1.5 sigma…yeah this ship is DoA, what’s worse is that the Minne gets the SAME shells….she has tier 6 shells at tier 9…Why they didn’t just give the Kansas the NorCal shells and the Minne the Iowa shells I don’t know…

    • – Worse than West Virginia …..a tier 6 battleship

    • Yup the Kansas is honestly worse than the WV ’41.

      Ok so did a compare and the WV ’41 has higher AP damage and her shells weigh more, she is using the Colorado AP, which has already been established as better than the Kansas AP, higher Krupp value.

      Not only that but despite only having 8 guns, compared to 12, she puts out a theoretical 198,400 DPM.

      The Kansas, two tiers higher, puts out 212,400 DPM. She’s putting out 14k more DPM than a tier SIX BB despite having FOUR more guns than her AND she gets trash penetration.

      Then you’ve got the 1.5 vs 1.8 sigma which means more of the WV’s shells will land on target as well…

      So yes, TLDR, you are correct, the Kansas is honestly worse than a tier 6 ship.

  2. The USBB line will never capture the magic of the PEF . . . . [smh] Total fail WG !

  3. NC will actually have better dpm, since they’ll put out the same number of shells (on average) [9 every 30s for NC, 12 every 40s for Kansas] and the NC has better shells. NC also has better accuracy, and penetration, and speed, and concealment, and… why are they adding ships that are just worse than the other branch?

  4. i feel like these were added as proof there is no power creep xD

  5. More junk from wargaming, but great video and awesome job on the channel sir

  6. One thousand and 666 base xp. Hmm… is there something you are trying to say about this ship?

  7. I’ve got to say, I’ve been hoping for a US BB line split and a USS Tennessee in the game for…when was the CBT again? Point is, I… can’t fucking put into words how disappointed I am.
    Not only do we get the _less significant_ Tennessee-class, but she’s also utter trash. And the line itself is just… what’s even the point? What do they do? They have more guns, but that’s not really an advantage when those guns are trash.
    I can put-up with slow. Slow is fine as long as the ship actually performs. These, though… they’re just damage sponges that don’t even have the health, armor, or heal to sponge damage properly. They do nothing well. Not only that, but… correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this whole line just “different versions of the 1920 South Dakota-class design” instead of including… well, anything else? A Tillman design would’ve been cool. I could see why they wouldn’t want to go with that since it’d be hell to balance… but what we’re getting seems like basically just three different versions of the same trash ship. “Oh, but one of them has 457s.” Not interesting.

  8. Well, I haven’t bothered even logging in for about 4 months, and after seeing these ships, I’m good for another 4 months, thanks.

  9. Oh, God, another line of New Mexico and Colorado, because those were so much fun that everyone wished for more.

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