First Match in Mecklenburg – World of Warships

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This was my 1st ever match in Mecklenburg so I ofc wanted you to see it. However, this is not the optimal build nor the one I’m using now. This was full secondary build because my captain was already preset for it and I wanted to see if it will be useable.
My current captain build is full tank + primary guns and IT SLAPS.
There will be MANY more videos of this ship coming up so stay tuned.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. ‘we dont have much secondary hits’
    -doesnt click on the pommern

  2. This is the one German Battleship that can prog both the Secundary and Main armerment skill from Lytiens

  3. This ship is nice with Brisk on it and drop the weak secondaries.

    • 13.9km conceal with 22.9sec reload hardly usable. Might as well build a full Tank build. But to each their own.

  4. Forget about the Secondaries. There are plenty of Sec german ships out there.
    This ship excels with its main guns.
    Tank build and abuse those shells.
    HE for every Situation, AP for the nice Broadside. Cruisers fear you especially. hehe.
    Lovely Ship!

  5. She seemed to play a lot like my Yukon, which I treat as a heavy cruiser with garbage reload for main guns. Fairly quick, fairy manoeuvrable and tanky.

  6. Almost summer time in Croatia. Flambass in his room pronouncing dispersion as: “This Perisan”!

  7. Well considering that Mecklenburg and (Western-) Pomeria are now one state instead of three duchies…

  8. Kinda looks like a big tanky Hindenburg ngl

  9. I’ve really enjoyed her so far. A significant threat at all ranges, which alone sets her apart from her german counterparts.

  10. First HE Salvo on a BB …2 fires. In the end 8 HE hits on the CV …0 Fires. You gotta love rng.

  11. I spected it as a mix between tank build and secondary build. And I LOVE it.

  12. Richtig!

  13. To be honest. I was very impressed with this ship. The HP and gun size was a major downside, but still an awesome ship.

  14. Zsolt Huszti-Bagdi

    Amazing! Thousands of battles played and still judges a new ship before finishing the first battle! You dont do that. The first 5-6 battles are always favorable.

  15. Pommer deserve buff 0.1 sigma because eats more damage he can return… :/

  16. Manik Samaraweera

    Yep. Mecklenburg gets the battle cruiser dispersion like Alaska, Georgia, Thunderer etc. Mecklenburg has slightly worse angles than GK, but not by much.

  17. Stefano Crosazzo

    Preussen gets better gun angles than GK and Pommern. It was one of the reasons it was introduced

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