First Steps in Warships – Lets teach!

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Join the MrConway as he teaches World of Warships to a complete beginner – come and give him a hand!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. Brit’s for all

  2. She should be reading everything that comes up on the screen, to learn about the game better.

  3. Brightness issues?

  4. Wow 500 Doubloons per day if you work for WG! Where can I sign up!

  5. awesome video thanks for the share & yes in World of Warships when you say your on fire you are literally on fire. Wargamming has nice people working there & playing the game I like that. Wish I could have watched live please have more

  6. Hello me hearties 🙂

  7. Play umikaze, so you don’t need to to care about torprange!

  8. 29:10
    ur a big target and it is very easy for him to penetrate u

  9. This is great! Good content !

  10. ConwaYYYYYYY!!!!!

  11. FlashBack / Striker99

    Oh wow 180000 Doubloons in one year?????? I hope you are joking?

  12. Francisco DeTonne

    MrConway isn’t a really good teacher, isn’t he? 🙂

  13. I took a noob friend to the training room FIRST.
    Teach the controls, and how to move about.
    Then how to shoot at stationary bots.
    Then play a training game with active non shooting bots.
    This was almost cringe worthy, poor girl was getting told a dozen things to do from the get go.
    Meanwhile the game was displaying hints, and she took them seriously and backed out of sniper mode.
    I stopped watching at 34:00 .
    Meanwhile the noob friend I taught plays 3 times a week, mostly on w/e’s and loves the game over first person shooters(CODBO).
    Hope she plays on her own and comes back for another video stream.

  14. the_ultimate_phoenix

    I liked the teaching stream, i learned some new controls myself. Like the switching targets and folloeing the shells after they have been fired.

  15. 1:54:52
    really liked how she got shocked and was appalled by getting shot
    she was like how dare they shoot and set me on fire

  16. 17:45 I think they’re up to something after he replied to that

  17. G’day from down under

  18. This game is so much aids, dont even try

  19. Gothic'z House Of Kustom'z

    Still unable to use the Test Server, unable to connect to server, please try again later, it has been 4 days, and at different times of day, night, ect, ect, even thru Gaming Center, so again tell me how often WE can use the Public Test Server?????????????, as you havent answer’d my last question, after your comment below…..

  20. Conway should have brought her to training room first to teach her the basics since it has a controlled environment which is good for teaching beginners. Like you want enemy ships to be stationary first, then they are moving, then attacking. In that way, she won’t be too surprised to what to do or what is going on.

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