First William Halsey – Montana – 322k Dmg || World of Warships

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— William Halsey is added to the game as a unique commander. He has both talents and improved skills.

Expert Loader skill
-75% (up from -50%) to reload time when shell type is switched

Expert Marksman skill
+3 (up from +2.5) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to 139 mm
+1 (up from +0.7) deg/s to traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm

Hit hard! talent
After receiving the Confederate achievement, the ship under Halsey’s command gets following bonuses:
-20% to the main battery reload time
-20% to plane service time
-10% to torpedo reload time

Hit fast! talent
After receiving the Double Strike achievement, the ship under Halsey’s command gets -10% to base detection radius, which can accumulate if a player receives the achievement multiple times during a .

The ship that William Halsey is assigned to will have a unique pennant and colored tracers for the main battery shells. Upon receiving achievements that activate the talents, fireworks will be launched from the ship.

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  1. Mister.Number.59

    21sec time reload :p

  2. So many idiots giving broadside to a Montana

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Dude this is a fairly big map and there are 12 ships on each team. Everyone is bound to be broadside to someone at all times. How about that Moskva? He doesn’t give him a broadside at all and yet the gets 3 plunging citadels if i remember correctly.
      Further more he (the W_I_G guy) is in a ship with accurate long range guns, plus his aim seems to be pretty well. If you pay attention you will notice how he is actively looking for broadsides, he is not just shooting the moment he reloads at the 1st target he sees. In fact that is the only thing that made me a feel a bit uncomfortable with his gameplay. That is that he seems to be damage farming for a point on. He ignores a broadside low hp Montana that is reversing and a very low hp Des Moines and shoots an almost full hp Montana that could give him more damage. But i guess by this time the game was won for his team and he knew that one of the cruisers would finish these guys. Anyways, gg.

  3. Dont tell me they made Bull Halsey a BB captain? The man never had direct control of a BB his entire career. He commanded 4Destroyers and the Lexington before being given flag rank

  4. Can somebody Say how to do a little easy this captain compaign i only finished thé mission 1 doing only crédit and captain XP mission with Missouri to difficult only 1 star for a mission

    • G Money to be honest a lot of the missions can take way longer than just repeating the first 2 missions. To a player who will just play every day you can make good progress doing it. Sometimes waiting for a t8 heroic medal will take longer. Because the chance depends on a lot of variables sometimes bad teams screw your chance to achieve. Divisioning with people can help. If you retake the easy credit and xp missions you get the star just not the main reward. Screw it…do that if you have to. At least you see your progress moving as u grind.

    • steven wright thank you very much

    • do the 1 star missions over and over again, slow and steady wins the race

    • ArmchairWarrior thanks ?

  5. How the check was someone able to complete it already?????

  6. Go to 12:30 for when he gets Confederate

  7. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    So if you get your first kill – you will instantly get the 1/3 reduction reload buff??? As opposed to Isoroku that requires a Kraken?
    or do you require to have a confederate instead at 12:30?

  8. Somebody should put Halsey on WORCESTER for LOLCOW Dakka Dakka.
    You can out HOTTU DOKKU a Conqueror.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Let’s not forget Yamamoto for the upcoming T10 Harugumo with 5x 100mm for maximeme Dakka dakka.
      I bet both Yuro an Sharon would go nuts and instantly make those Dakka Dakka montages.

    • that is what i will do ^^

  9. Michael Frederick

    I like how he was somehow able to get a double citadel on the Moskva with 1 pen and a ricochet at 12:59.

  10. Decent job from one of the best BB players on EU server. He did r1 in 5 or 6 days this season so i am not suprised Mrmr is having William Halsey already…

  11. Ich kriege das blanke kotzen wenn man am start schon ‘Lemming?’ leist… so wie gestern, 2 Brüder, schöner splitt, einer schraibt ‘Lemmingtrain’… bitte WAS ? Gibt echt Leute die wissen nichtmal was das ist hab ich den Eindruck…

  12. Hum quand je regarde le control du joueur je me dit que les coups de bol pour une belle game ca arrive ….

  13. So is William Halsey like the Yamamoto captain of the usn?

  14. Do Yamamoto vs Halsey
    As a vid

  15. The CV fighter control this game is giving me aids

  16. I saw USN Cleveland shooting red tracer shell in previous video.
    It was 2 cleveland div and Russian DD div

  17. William halsey (Montana) vs Yamamoto (Yamato)

  18. For special commanders that requires achievement to unlock the special skills, you only have to unlock it once with the commander then you can use the skill permanently or you have to unlock it each battle? (Potato question) 🙂

    • SecretIdentity To use their skill you need to unlock them every battle (Like a Kraken unlocks fast reload and heal on Yamomoto)

  19. Bah using WASD hack against torpedos! 😉

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