Fixing Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships

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Carriers aren’t broken but they aren’t a lot of fun sometimes, especially if you are in a destroyer. Now that World of Warships has announced Aircraft Carriers are going to be in ranked, which I think is a horrible idea, it’s time to take a hard look at the class and figure out how best to balance them for the sake of the game. I provide five tweaks for fixing aircraft carriers that I think will help the situation significantly. Something needs to happen.


  1. Your suggestions 1 and 2 combined will lead to the following: Their reduced detection will push them further away from the battle and teammates, making them vulnerable to air attack. They HAVE to move away as they cant stay detected without beeing instablapped by enemy BBs. Then, the CVs will go after eachother. Whoever wins that battle, wins the game. How is that better?

    • Sound a lot like the OLD RTS version and just think how midway players would love that idea with six torps in the water every time. dropping the AA is a terrible idea as most AA based BB’s can’t effectively deny air strikes. i still beleive get them moving from sitting in their spawn 60 sec detection on spotting.

  2. No AA for carrier means every round carrier rushes each other. We had that years ago bro it does not work.

  3. “Carriers are not OP” – spends the entire video talking about direct nerfs.

  4. I dont know Zoup, I see your points but I dont know how thats going to work.

    Making carriers super easy to spot while removing their AA power just means that the game is going to be come a race to sink the other carrier. Battleships, Carriers, and some cruisers are just going to go crazy trying to sink the enemy CV and that really changes the dynamic of game play. In the cross server CB test, when we faced teams without a CV we absolutely annihilated them.

    Flight time I can sort of get behind but . . . who the hell is wasting all that time hanging over a destroyer? Which destroyer captains dont drop smoke when they’re being spotted like that? Probably the same ones that see a DM or Moskva going toward the C cap and rush in anyway.

    Spotting like the 6 second radar delay, I’m fine with where in the ship is revealed as an outline. I like that sort of “strategic recon” as opposed to the direct recon we have now. Lots of players dont capitalize on it anyway.

    They should be in ranked more than any other ship class now. Consider how one dimensional ranked is. Players dont need to think about whether to spec for AA or not, they just take a cookie cutter build. They dont even need to even consider whether to take hydro over DFAA. Team work, the thing everyone cries about every ranked season, should become more necessary because if you have a low AA ship, it needs some coordination with the great AA ship to survive.

  5. WOW- try looking at the old average damage per game prior to the rework and looking at the now. you really need to fact check before you make videos!!!

    • Václav Posledník

      The thing is some players (skilled ones) had much more avg dmg while others (non-skilled). Average for two players both with 60 k avg dmg is the same as for one player with 100k and the other with 20k.

  6. “Carriers are not op” so let’s nerf them into the ground. How would a battleship feel if they had to alternate ammunition between salvos? It makes no sense to alternate squadrons, especially on ships that only have two types of aircraft.

    Encouraging CV vs CV play would only bring back the imbalance of skill levels between carrier skippers again.

    If you were to make them easier to sink and put a timer on the planes, then you would drastically nerf their damage output, which isn’t high now. You would need to buff them in some fashion, increase alpha most likely, to compensate

    If you want to nerf them and make them completely ineffective, why not just remove them?

  7. ZOUP YOU clearly opened the wrong can of worms look at your thumbsdown

  8. NoZoup….just No!…wtf is wrong with you?!

  9. what are u smoking Zoup? i really hope this is a parody… usually i pick up on sarcasm but u werent? sarcasm 10/10?

  10. Hey Soup if you are reading this, please understand that the changes you are suggesting will increase the skill gap which the CV rework was trying to close. All of these changes would hurt casual CV player like how I play and would only make it possible for the unicum player to play it well like in the RTS mode. So buddy, I think you are thinking of the right thing but thinking in the wrong direction. We need make carriers balanced but also player friendly.

  11. Zoup..just No…cv’s are weak enough… you cv much? Obviously not…because then you would know any ship that decided to take me out directly..pretty much can…and do…so I have to take out the biggest threats first.

    No more nerfs for cv’s. I agree with cv’s being in ranked….they are ready.

    I’m a cv main..and I NEVER feel powerful…in barely able to impact the outcome of matches…no more cvnerfs…period.

    Btw..they are already getting a nerd in 8.3

    • Try being a DD main, specially an IJN DD, wth, almost any IJN ship… and then tell me if CVs are weak… being fkn harassed the whole fkn time, and literally, is the WHOLE time, if the CV player has half brain cell, and not being able to do shit against them. Is that, or park the DD behind your entire fleet and start to read the insults of your own teammates because you are not doing “your job”.

    • CV’s have the highest average damage per game of all ship classes at all tiers.

  12. Increasing the concealment will just put CV at the back of the map, it won’t accomplish a single other thing, and frankly, CV concealment is already too high. Moving up even a LITTLE BIT in a CV usually results in instant death from BB fire the as you get proxy spotted by the enemy CV. ALL of these are fucking awful changes.

  13. is this April fools day mark 2? what are you smoking man if wg go ahead with your suggestions then they will have to implement sell back scheme for new premium cv as every player will get rid then you are back to squire one.

  14. Zoup – I normally love your videos because of your generally positive tones. However in this case I strongly disagree with you. Please allow me to respectfully tell you why:

    The overall theme of my response is your suggestions eliminate player choices. When players dont have choices they dont have fun. If they dont have fun, they dont play.

    1) CV spotting distance is already enormous. The key thing to remember is that aircraft spot CVs at 10-12 km away. Once spotted everything in range starts shooting at the CV. I regularly draw battleship fire in the early game. So I assure you, CV players already think about their positioning. Increasing spotting distance only makes this worse and will eliminate choice. CVs will simply drive to the back of the map and stay there.

    2) CVs should have ferocious AA because historically they expected their primary opponent to be other CVs. The Midway has 18 127mm guns, 51 40mm Bofors and 56 20mm cannons. These weapons are not decorations. Also, Historically Battleships screened Carriers because the enemy planes ignored BB, flew past them and went after the CVs. The reason is, CVs had striking power in the hundreds of miles and BBs did not. So there was no urgency to kill BBs. If you remove the AA from the CVs in game, do you think BB players will consider it their duty to provide AA screen? No, they will sail around looking for targets so they can secure their own score, leaving CVs defenseless.

    3) The idea of a limited flight time has some merit. However, that is a very severe restriction. The equivalent restriction to surface ships would be to cause your guns to unload and reload because you took too long to fire them.

    4) Players have CHOICES in how they will attack the enemy based on all kinds of tactical considerations. Imposing some kind of cyclical reload on aircraft would be like taking away ammo selection from BBs and Cruisers and automatically alternating between HE and AP. Would anyone accept that?

    5) CVs already have trouble spotting DDs. A Gearing has a 2.6 km spotting distance from the air. Planes cant make an attack on their first pass. They have to turn around and come back. In that time the DD can change course and speed to throw off the attack run, or pop smoke and hide. The REAL problem is DDs go to predictable places where the CV knows where to look for them. This game introduces victory conditions like capture points that incentivize players to go there. The answer to DDs getting aced by CVs is better DD decision making. Dont go to predictable places where the CVs are watching. And DONT GO ALONE. DDs are the smallest, least armed ships in the game yet they act surprised when they go into open water with no overlapping AA bubble.

    Here is my single suggestion for better WoWs play. The rule is simple and applies to ALL ships and aircraft.

    You can only attack what you can see. If you spot an enemy, the enemy location is passed to your team’s minimap, but they cant shoot unless they also can see. This applies to radar and sonar spotting as well. This game is about World War II. There is no electronic data link passing targeting info between ships.

    Smoke will be a wall, not a one way mirror. The only way to shoot effectively INTO smoke is with the use of radar or sonar and only YOU get the advantage. The only way to effectively shoot OUT of smoke is with the use of radar or sonar and only YOU get the advantage. The smoke mechanic will be critically important since it will actually block line of sight.

    Using this mechanic, a DD in open water spotted by either a CV or a cruiser can only be attacked by the spotting unit. This will keep the DD from being focus fired by every gun within range. The rule works equally well for all ships.

    One small add: Since BBs and CA’s have firing range that is much further than their spotting range, the spotting aircraft would be much more critical. The existing spotting plane mechanic works well and already follows the rules. Only the launching ship gets the benefit of the targeting view.

    Play around with this idea and let me know what you think.

    BTW – I love your channel. Keep up the good work.

    • You already can only attack what you can see. Don’t confuse acquisition with detection, they are not the same thing.

  15. the survey results are back, and they say you have swiss cheese for a brain. GG bro

  16. Ephapax Gaming Channel

    I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for you, Zoup. That said, I don’t think I’ve seen so many universally bad ideas in a single video before. It’s very clear that you’ve only looked at this from the perspective of a surface ship.

  17. Sorry but these are literally the worst points lmao. You just said you dont think they’re unbalanced then gave a bunch of ways to nerf them. Honestly I think they’re underpowerd right now but who cares what I think. At the end of the day things should be balanced purely on statiactal numerical facts, and I doubt carriers average any where near other classes of ship right now.

  18. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    From an alpha tester…

    CVs will never be removed. Please stop with this, its old…
    In response to your suggestions…

    1. Carriers are concealed as they are because of fragility. They cannot withstand any type of battleship bombardment and increasing their concealment radius would be very detrimental to their survivability. Taking your suggestion of, “they should be seen from orbit” this would lead to them being sniped 3 mins into the game. They also have zero way to defend themselves from attacks of long range ships. Currently, they are in a good spot since they getting closer to the frontlines decreases their flight time to target at the risk of being shot at, while being ultra passive increases it, slowing down damage.

    2. Carriers were built with lots of AA to counter the easiest means of destroying a carrier, planes. Fleet carriers often grouped together or were escorted by battleships with equal if not less AA. In other groups, escort carriers provided AA for smaller ships. Currently in the game, if a carrier wants to deal heavy damage to a enemy carrier, they can, but to outright destroy them they must make several attempts. Before the rework, when AA was less, carriers were often sniped by enemy carriers in a single run. This left the enemy carrier to do whatever it wanted. Let’s not go down that road again…please.

    3. Flight times were taken out for gameplay reasons. Namely, testers found it extremely unfun to have a very short window to fly their planes. Currently, players tend to fly directly to a target and attack. Its only the first few minutes of a battle when players fly planes just to spot the enemy for the team and then make the best decision on where to strike first. Plus, lets say if you did add it, that’d be 2mins… which is what you get if youre flying and your cv sinks. So…2mins.of spot time… then the cv just returns to do it again. Are you wanting a 60s flight time? A 10s flight time? Where is the line drawn? And losing all planes at the end is harsh… it already takes an avg. of 70-150s to restore 1 aircraft…depending on the carrier. Not a whole squad…but 1 plane…

    4. Carriers are no where close to as powerful as the RTS version previously. They could cross drop on targets and remove anything they wanted in 1 to 2 drops. People tend to forget this… a lot…

    5. In the old RTS version, it was very common to have only CVs remaining alive at the ebd of a round hiding. No different than now. This is due to fragility of the ship. If a carrier is seen, 90% of the time, itll be shot at regardless of other, more important targets being spotted simultaneously. That’s a fact.

    6. While they still need tweaking, they’re pretty well balanced at the moment. The only class that suffers most is Destroyers, and that’s because of their low health pool, and ability to be seen easily by planes.

    Zoup, if you really want to balance Carriers and destroyers, the answer is stealth.

    Destroyers should only be spotted if, A) shooting AA at passing planes, or B) the planes are within 1km of the ship.

    Destroyers live in stealth. Carriers ruin this by spotting them. Also, destroyers only get ultra nuked by carriers if the carrier spots them and can line up a good drop.

    Make them harder to spot, and this will balance things.

    If a player drops a air patrol over them, make DD AA more efficient against them… or…. only spotted if the planes are directly over the ship.

  19. Just a long rant from someone who is butthurt because he got one-shot by a Midway. If you want to nerf CVs then let’s have:

    – Ammo resupply for all guns. Max 5 mins of firing for secondaries and up to 203mm guns.
    – Max 20 salvos for BBs main guns (over 203mm) due to the stress placed.
    – Max 3 torp salvos for DDs. Because where are all those torps kept.
    – Force BBs to dock up to repair rather than being able to recover massive amounts of HP.
    – Introduce real physics – so ships taking much longer to move from standstill.

    Anyhow, the solution is not more nerfs – otherwise CV players will stop using them completely – rather it’s that the rest of the playerbase needs to adapt to the changing threat – which means no more moving around the map on their own. Players who wander off around the map without any support should be punished. Carriers should be the primary threat. They should present the main threat to the opposing team. Nerfing them into submission will result in them never being used.

  20. What WG need right now is better MM doesnt matter if youre a good player but most of team try really hard to lose.

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