FlambaMom to the rescue – World of Warships

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I’m not gonna spoil it for you by saying anything in here, so you’re just gonna have to watch it for yourself.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Having grown up with a Croatian best friend and spending hrs staying over and sometimes overnight after i moved, Croatian parents are a whole other level lol. Nicest people ever.

  2. when are they going to learn little white mouse knows their stuff better than they do?

  3. If the Eagle can do this, what is the Russian supercarrier that never existed going to be capable of?

  4. When playing Eagle ,please do not read the realistic history of Westland Wyvern first :p

  5. love your vids dude helps me learn the game alot but any chance of you getting your you tube vids in a higher resolution flambass in the near future

  6. Can’t wait for soviet carrier supership Admiral Kuznetsov, with VSTOL jets, supersonic antiship missiles and ASW Kamov helicopters.
    And of course, soviet supership battlecruiser of Kirov class, with antiship missiles, AA defense suite and CIWS.
    I guess we won’t get soviet supership cruiser Slava/Moskva with 16 antiship missiles and 2 gaping holes in the port side…

  7. He lost most of his planes with every single run except the last one against the Halland, yet after almost 13 minutes, he still had a full dive bomber squad, and was still able to deal plenty of damage…

    • Working as intended 😀
      I watched a game not too long ago of the nakhimov dmg record… The dude lost 65 ATTACK AIRCRAFT and was still sending out full squadrons at the end of the game. Glad to know those fragile planes really hurt his ability to send full squadrons when he made mistakes and lost planes 😀

    • Plane printers going BRRRR!.

    • Carlos Christanio

      Wish I could have done that with the Japanese x, got deplaned several times and just had to wait for the printer to run. But remember the torp planes were too op so they needed to be nerf

  8. FlambaMom has our backs.

  9. Great to see Flambass promote CVs so we can have more people play them.

  10. The best part of this video: “my parents just have the stream open and watch”
    Dude, that’s the biggest support you truly have.

  11. That’s it Flambass, you’ve been told now, don’t ignore chat!!
    +1 Flambamom

  12. Always great watching a CV main play broken ships. I love how Wg balances FDR and Nakhimov by making them look not so broken by comparison instead of.. well anything else.

  13. parents are the best man 😀 love to see it xD made me lough af <3 <3 <3

  14. Yesterday, after I was sunk by a sub 4 times in the row I have lost my 2nd monitor since CV rework… Bought replace one from second hand just in case of loosing my shit again :/

  15. The words Wargaming and Competent are mutually exclusive.

  16. I wanna see you take this ship up the middle in two brothers

  17. Playing against these CV’s is like playing dodgeball while wearing concrete boots……

  18. At least you’re picking the most balanced ship in the game to feature

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