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Yeah you heard that right, I am BROKE AF. So much so that I now need to start playing Missouri and grind credits like there is no tomorrow. My acc has been steadily losing credits for a long time now because I always buy flags to have max fighting capability in EVERY match I play.

Now, that I started buying a lot of ships, modules and SUPER SHIPS, I ran out of credits even faster.

Thanks WG xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Grinding ships is no longer the problem it’s buying them and without premium account time it’s 2x harder 🤕
    Heard u were looking for a game to play flambino, there is a game called Naraka bladepoint it’s a battle royal but with swords and bows it’s worth a check in my opinion

  2. If you need credits don’t forget to sell your camos, also a lot of events give you the option of buying the different economy boosts with temporary currencies, not a bad idea to spend those currencies on credit boosts rather than other options.

    • Sell your ship xp economic booster for credits also if you’re not converting them. I stopped converting xp a long time ago. Would need something like $9000 to convert all my xp. I would rather have the credits to buy performance flags. Not really chasing for new ships or anything else. Satisfied with the ships I have.

  3. Get the flag containers. That’s what I always do and I’m piling up credits, despite buying tons of flags.

    • Dr Awais ur Rehman

      I would suggest getting More Resource Containers, due to simple fact that it drops Coal ( which u cant buy Usually ) and some times they do drop Signals.

      Credits you can grind anytime you need, Coal : Coal so much

  4. I was recently in same situation as you Flambass, I have 53k battles and I was broke. Superships and flags drained a lot of credits. I needed like 3 months to get back to the 200mln credits that I have now. 2 superships are coming soon so another 100mln+ credits (even though I’m in a clan with full clanbase upgrades, including superships cost reduction when you buy them, without it those 2 superships and their upgrades would cost 120mln+….)

  5. Honestly I’m just glad that I can even keep my account >10 mil most days because of the system. They DESPERATELY need to bring back flags for achievements again. Just give us SOMETHING again.

  6. Having too few credits has been a problem for me since day 1! Yes flags help, as do other things ,……BUT, it’s like going to a casino, it’s rigged, the odds are always in The House’s (WG’s) favor……..unfortunately, just keep grinding my friend!….thoroughly enjoy these last few videos……keep them coming!!

  7. 9:10 the best finishing line would have been ‘cause daddy flambino is coming in dry’

  8. Since the economy rework, I have found grind credits in operations as the most effective use for blue boosters. Play a tier VIII gold ship, Mainz/Cross of Dorn is my preferred, and 1 mil credits are attainable.

  9. 8:00 “I’m a bigger problem in the front than anything in the back” seems like Flambino is packing 😂

  10. Nice to see some American 406mm love for a change. If we’re really lucky Hell might freeze over and we can see some Montana gameplay too!

    • we just need some rich fan willing to send him $10k USD(not sure what the exchange rate is for Croatia) for Montana all day. lol

  11. When they made the changes they did to the economy, it was patently obvious then it was by design to force people to buy premium ships to generate credits and so forth. I’ve had the same thing and need to play certain ships previously bought to get the credits needed to acquire ships. It’s like XP and credits swapped importance with the latter predicated on pay to play incentives notably forced on you.

  12. The grind is real.

  13. Prisoner of the Highway

    Form a division for guaranteed 5 stars and run Kii in operations. With the Koby camo and red boosters it gives old Missouri levels of credits. With the blue boosters it gives old Kii levels of credits.

  14. I loved the 3 ships hiding at J-1 to stay out of Flambass’ range.

  15. I got down to 100 million credits last year and felt broke. Back up to 570 million now but my credit making ship of choice is musashi 1-3 million each game it might not be missouri but I consistently do far more damage in it. And when I hit kraken with issoroku in her it gets obscene with a 18 second reload on 460s

  16. I love it that you’re grinding for credits… just like the rest of us slobs.

  17. The premium tier III Charleston is the best tier III I have played , it’s basically a premium St Louis but it does more damage per shell .

  18. Mister Puts&Calls

    It’s just unfair that submarine torpedoes are stopped by islands. They need a buff.

  19. 4:00 that actually looks like legit anti sub tactic, to be a muppet enough to beach and this way trick the torps into beaching too 😀

  20. James Copley - Resoldier

    Well, you did say in the last video you were going to grind the Mighty Mo, so this should be fun!

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