Flambass playing Khabarovsk??? Is it still any good??? – World of Warships

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So if you watched my Xmass speshul you know that chat voted mostly on toxic ships and I tried to at least use all classes. So, when DDs were up I thought to myself, what is one of the most toxic DDs in the game and sure enough, Khabarovsk came across my mind. I just hate dealing with these things, especially as a BB. So, ofc I was gonna go hunt enemy BBs and make their lives miserable. Is Khaba still any good?

If you focus on the right targets, oh yes it is.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Khaba is very team/map dependent. If you don’t get placed on the flanks of the map you waste time trying to get to them. If your team, like this one is doing their best to lose, its painful.
    If the enemy team can aim they will wreck the Khaba. When WG nerf’d it into the ground some how they made it not worth the effort to get. I don’t recommend getting it now that’s its premium, waste of resources. The ship breaks every time it gets hit, the rudder is sluggish even with all the Upgrades, the torps are laughable and you have to spend so much to get a workable gun range.
    Khaba needs its old 8km torps back, all its modules buffed so they don’t break All The Time, and its rudder speed increased so it feels like I’m running a DD not turning a brick of a BB.

  2. There were three teams in this game. Red, Green, and Team Flambass. Some played the objectives, others for personal glory😂

  3. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    Not questioning you, as you terrorised the enemy bb’s. But, you could sort of excuse your team if the enemy dd’s were doing the same. But it was a sub and 2 cruisers that beat them up. So they not even got that excuse.😂

  4. The enemy team let you play the Khaba…after almost 7 min they start doing something about you…..wonder how the game went if they didn’t ignore you for so long…. But very nice score Man! Happy new year to All!

  5. I always loved the fact this DD is a thing with 9.7km detection, while Minotaur, a light cruiser, has 9km detection AND smoke. Totally nonsense.

    • Only thing a smoke does for a khaba is making it an easy target for torps

    • @Bonde7280 not arguing the playstyle, only the concept of a DD with worse concealment than a cruiser, worst torps and no smoke. Just that.

    • @Juan Kovacs you choose smoke or heal on Khaba…

    • @AKUJIVALDO yes, and if you pick that instead of a heal in this ship you are wasting a consumable slot. The basic idea of the game is that DDs spot for the team, and with almost 10km detection this ship basically hurts the team more than it helps depriving it from a spotter, and maybe the only one. You HAVE to stay away and use your guns with this ship, so smoke is useless.

  6. He would’ve survived those two BBs at the end if he’d been speed juking like a unicum, too. Gunboat DDs are HILARIOUS to play.

  7. I love playing the Khaba. Most play double rudder khaba. However, I run the legendary module which gives me range and more dakka. When you say pure gunboat….I look to the Khaba before Marceau, Ragnar or Kleber. Hell, I even go for the Khaba over the Kita which hands down tier for tier is one hell of a gunboat. running AFT and Legendary module puts my gun range at 14.8K range and I get a 6% faster reload on my guns at the cost of consumable action time which I dont care since I play at distance and you gotta be able to hit me to do some damage

  8. You had no friendlies anywhere near you, no smoke to drop, had not launched a single torpedo, and were still at 140k damage and one kill before you took your first point of damage. Yeah, I’d call that toxic.

  9. I was thinking the exact same thing with the Somers. Even if he can’t kill you, he could potentially force you to go undetected as a result of the smoke. There’s little you could do to counter, even with the Somer’s crappy guns, he could still wear you down, break your modules etc. You could maybe go undetected, then rush his smoke to remove him, but all that time spent heading towards his concealment is time cutting into your final score. A lot of players don’t realise they can be useful in other ways beyond dropping their fishes every 1.5 – 2 minutes, then watching porn on their second monitor.

    Knocking your engine out while DC is on cooldown would be pretty big. Honestly though, the coordination between that team was atrocious. Out of all the ships that could be challenging you, only one or two was even bothering to try. If I’m losing a game, and my team is underperforming, I attempt to zone out ships and set as many fires as possible to dirsrupt a push. I’ve managed to pull back games by forcing a confident push to falter and withdraw, leading to a counter-push deep in our territory, where crossfires are possible.

  10. He starts off, saying “This is fine.” in a Khaba … so he’s going to cause fires all over the place! I can’t help but think of that meme…

  11. Flambo over here seal-clubbing at tier 10…

    I give you this quote:
    “I fear not God-like enemies, but Pig-like allies.”

  12. Happy new year Flambino 🙂
    Thanks for all the content during 2022
    I enjoyed every bit of it
    I wish you all the best in 2023

  13. Hey bud, great game ! Have a great new year. Cheers from Canada. 🙂👍

  14. You can’t let a dd into your backfield. IMO, you don’t have much choice but to take the time to push him into the wall and try to trap him or at least pressure him in some way. Well played though flamb.

  15. Imagine doing 40 knots with a ‘knocked out engine’. Imagine running an engine boost on a ‘knocked out engine’.

  16. Can’t say I’ve ever seen someone rack up over 1 million PD without losing any health!
    Got a Khaba from a Santa container last week. Not a DD player but I’ma have to take her out after this lol

  17. I love these games … on youtube … they never happen to me … for some reason I get a Stalingrad/Petro/Hinden/Venezia or competent DD on my flank that prevent me from doing exactly that … I wonder if I am just unlucky or the few games that I play a month don’t allow me to experience this type of result …

  18. I am always amazed to see how people ignore you and let you get away with shit like this. If I would’ve pushed that flank in a Khaba like you did, their whole team would’ve focused and deleted me in 2 min.

  19. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Damn. 280k damage all from freaking GUNS (17 fires, you ARSONIST) Extremely well played

  20. I love that Flambass plays World of Smartphones more than ships nowadays. Shows the state of the game really. 😴

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