Flamu, What’s Up With Warships?

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Today I talk to the famously outspoken and get his views on a wide range of topics in .

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  1. Dude, you really need a new jumper :)

  2. Perfect Timing Grey!……Coffee ready….presses play.

  3. we need ichase

  4. Flame is my fav warships commentator. He knows how to play and isn’t afraid
    to call an idiot an idiot…

  5. I was waiting for this one!! Potato for you, potato for me, potato for

  6. Invite Aerroon please :)

  7. Captain tech tree?

  8. very enjoyable interview. good job again, Grey.

  9. Well you have officially covered my top three YouTubers I watch on a
    regular basis. Notser, Jingle and Flamuu… Very Well Done Sir, Very Well

  10. I really enjoy Flamu’s channel content, he is a phenom in the game, and I
    am kind of glad that I am not on EU server as those guys are seriously
    good, and being as Flamu would say, ” a complete potato”, at the game I
    would probably incur their wrath in game chat constantly. I have to say
    though, I am not a huge fan of the in chat abuse, if you have criticism of
    someone’s gameplay then just tell them without the abuse or hate and added
    insults. As a person who has received a lot of counselling for anger
    related incidents, I think I could handle someone like Flamu telling me off
    in chat only because I know he is more knowledgeable and superior at the
    game. However when thumb-sucking, basement dwelling tweens start hurling
    abuse at me, I have to take a few minutes time out, usually I get over it
    quickly because I realise that I could physically dismantle them in
    seconds. DON’T WORRY, I am still attending Anger Management. What I am
    really trying to say is, PLEASE think about how you tell people about their
    lack of in game expertise, SEE HOW I DID THAT. I could have said don’t call
    people twats in chat. A little respect and patience goes a long way towards
    an anger free life. Okay that will be $250, and I don’t validate parking!

  11. So funny you played PotBS Flamu…. if you see this comment: What was your
    tag and which Soc were you in?

  12. Eyy flamu 🙂 i was waiting for that. Now i played whit you both. Sorry for
    detonating you in the german dd iearl :)

  13. Try and make this series like a weekly one, or once every patch notes with
    like 2 different youtubers about the upcoming changes. Too often and the
    major subjects get used up really fast and so the whole conversation might
    get a bit dull. Otherwise really big thumbs up and keep up the good work.

  14. It would be fun, if you would invite a random fan, an average player of

  15. I never thought I’d disagree with Flamu, but I found that the Emerald is
    superb, especially against same and lower tiers. The combination of RN AP,
    smoke, an eight-torpedo broadside and reasonable concealment is utterly
    devastating, at least for me.

  16. Flamu mentioned “Alliance”… a clan I assume… do they have any you-tube

  17. Good one…

  18. I did it today. 180k and one CV dead. 🙂 But it was in the morning and
    there were only 7 ships in :D. Lucky bitch I am :D

  19. IEG….you Sir…are the Edward R Murrow of the WoWs community. Carry on.

  20. Great interview. Thumbs up.

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