Flandre Secondaries Are Too Much Fun in World of Warships

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This is one of the only French battleships I use secondaries on. They are surprisingly useful, though a ‘normal’ build would probably be better overall.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. Hey,
    I remember the time the Flandre was released. The common sense* back then was, it was a fiasco because it had bugs (dunno which) and it was said to be a rather bad ship. I highly value your opinion, so to make it clear: You think, it’s a good ship, and even better than the Richelieu? *tbh I only remember a flamu vid about it, so it might not be true common sense, but yeah.

  2. Great video PQ! Love your content!

  3. best ive ever done is 3 kills in a game lol.
    You played this game so well!

    • Believe me 3 will not last long. Think just how many ships do you even shoot at in a match, 6 or 7. you will run into matches where you fire at 11 and by that time a few will just be low health and can be one shot. OR you are in a BB at tier 5 and the cruisers are showing you broadsides when you are ready to fire.

    • That will change. Even the greatest potatoes is gonna get a kraken if they play enough

  4. I have this ship.. but never looked at it twice, I guess I have a mission today.

  5. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    1:27 “you really need to pay attention to the Map and look where your team is strong”

    The only thing i Saw here is how the hell there is an Ally DD being the ennemy carrier After 5min of game
    (Also rip him probably dying to the secondaires of loewenhart)

  6. Great video…I think I might pick her up today. Maybe Agincourt too… Could use same captain then.

  7. I got this ship the santa containers. In a away, she feels a bit better than Alsace. The later, I’m pulling my hair out on that terrible dispersion

  8. I got mine out a Santa crate. Love her.

  9. Flandre is a great looking ship aesthetically also. I have been running secondaries on Jean Bart. It may not be effective but with some many guns it’s just fun to rain shells. I think I had a 400+ secondary game once.

    • I run the Jean Bart for accuracy, stealth, and healing. Always wanted to try the secondary build, what is your full captain + equipment build if you don’t mind sharing. Range of the secondaries fully decked ?

  10. No sonar or torps is abit of a dealbreaker for me. Vs other secondary brawlers like Odin or Zeiten

  11. I’ve really been enjoying dropping captain stealth to take both tanking skills. I find that I’m spotted more than half the game either way, and I intend to get towards secondary range anyway, so the odds of me going dark are rather slim. I’d rather just extend that hp pool personally.

  12. Vanguard had its citadel lowered years ago. Its almost underwater now. Love the video though!

    • Not sure. Last year i yoloed one in my Tallin, sneaking up on him from behind an island. Butchered with citadels at point blank 5km

    • @Jozsef Toth it’s above water, but not by much. No more than most bbs. Check out the armour model in game 🙂

  13. French- flandre
    Sister of remilia
    Has so many secondary batteries
    She’s like a vampire

  14. prior to all the changes and new ships alsace used to be one of the best hidden secondary boats, i remember killing dd at 9km with secondaries

  15. Hmmm.. got this ship in random Christmas crate. Have never taken her out of port. I’ll give her a try now for sure.

  16. Did they improve the accuracy following the removal of Dead Eye like for the Marco Polo?

  17. I think you’d have fun with the Champagne with 10.1km secondaries

  18. I keep trying to tell people about the Alsace, 33 secondary guns on priority target(pretty sure the most sec guns of T9. Insane fire chance with the 12 380s(40%), 9 150mm(14%), and 24 100mm(8%) makes it a very good fire starter. You really need to try it.

    • Mostly 100mm Guns that can’t pen anything. And a light armored battleship that can’t sustain any he spam…. yeah sounds fun….

    • Fires are good but if you completely depend on fires then you’ll never do too well, as you’re completely relying on RNG and if the target has their DC ready.

    • It’s an absolute garbage 2ndry ship lol, low hp, covered in 32mm plating HE spammers paradise. Build into the 380mm guns with reload and accuracy and use it as the perfect flanker

    • Those secondaries brake like hell

  19. I played the supership Conde for the first time in Random battles and I was very impressed, First game ever with a French CA. I used the burst mode on a broadside Hindenburg at 11km and got 8 citadels and devastating strike. Then I caught a Worcester broadside with burst mode, no citadels but pummelled it under with 14 pens and over-pens. Unfortunately while I fixated on the American cruiser a Montana came around an island and got multiple citadels on me with a single salvo to blow me up. It is a nice French Cruiser, I am used to the Tier 8-10 French BB’s, I really love them. I always build the Richelieu, Alsace, and Republic for a secondary build, because I love to push hard. Btw I love your videos, you teach great tactics.

    • Probably the best of the superships. Legendary mod Henri, with anti concealment build was also amazing. Got destroyed by the acceleration nerf

  20. Struggled to have good games in the Flandre, so do I spec secondaries?

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