Fletcher Fight (World of Warships) Tier 9 DD

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  1. so the ship i want to see is the north carolina cause i face it alot in my
    new mexico

  2. The moment he got shot big, that’s how every game goes fore me :(

  3. Baron when are you gonna play fallout4?

  4. You should play Admiral hypeerrr

  5. Another bad gameplay by you Baron, I’m very dissapointed 😉
    1) use your guns on US DD;
    2) use smoke properly – you should stop and stay in smoke, then shoot at
    the enemies;
    3) very passive, you should more often spot enemies for your team;
    4) don’t know why didn’t you rush at these 2 BBs @ C – Colorado and NC;
    5) wide torps spread on Fletcher… why…

    Please be more pro Baron, although I really enjoy watching your vids :-)

  6. Play The Tier 5 USSR DD Gnevny plz

  7. Baron play war thunder. Russian tank IS-2 “Revenge” premium tank

  8. fulgencio ruiz jaraba

    shokaku maybe its been a whyle donde las carrier battle

  9. Spoiler alert. Whole game 2 torp hits … and then you may leave

  10. actually, any dd gameplay would be fine, love the way you ninja!

  11. not sure if you guys know but they buffed capping xp. like if you had solo
    capped just one base you might have been first place in that game. but i
    put my vote in for the russian t10 dd

  12. I got a 40k on a Essex when he and a teammate rammed each other with AP


  14. polytechnique montreal

    Are you seriously just uploaded such a shitty game in the Fletcher, 5 hit
    and 2 torps hit, wide spread everywhere, horrible gameplay. It’s like you
    have no respect for the viewer, wasted 18 mins of my life.

  15. when I doubt, Fletcher it out!

  16. trap is such a shit map. and it’s so high in the rotation. i get it every
    second game

  17. Baron play robz mod for men of war mondays!!!

  18. Trump Trollin is the new meme of 2016

  19. can you do the m26 Jackson

  20. Could use some help! Using the North Carolina and was wondering about the
    $2,000,000 upgrade if it’s worth it? Also, which one? Acquisition or
    concealment? Thanks!

  21. Trump is winning vote by saying racist thing. You know who else got elected
    by saying racist things? Hitler.

  22. “i’m trying to play sneaky” -> leave AA on


  23. Play the New Orleans

  24. ok question to all Americans I would like to know is trump polling at the
    top of your elections, in other words will trump win??

  25. Godzilla 2016


  27. Slickbee is annoying as always…

  28. Tier 10 gearing bruh

  29. Bull Moose Party 2016! Revival!

  30. I didn’t even watch the episode I just watched the argument in the chat

  31. Hindenburg. Please play with ze germans

  32. baron do the Essex class carrier with the WW2 planes no jets do

  33. Surely it’s about time the Royal Navy arrived!

  34. i love the fletcher, its versatile witch gives a steady performance and
    it,s very explosive ..my favorite high tier dd by far

  35. Why do you launch your torps out so far baron?? You do know that its
    pointless as the enemy ships can evade them.

  36. Stop locking your turrets it’s making my OCD go crazy aaaaaaaa

  37. Boring…

  38. Try to play with a Furutaka next. It would be interesting to see how you
    play with it.

  39. #Trump2016 amirite

  40. Baron, can you sail out the tier 10 German cruiser Hindenburg please.

  41. MATT DAMON 2016!!

  42. You goo a have a video on the new Chinese ships soon?


    play the Udaloi !

  44. That was some epic bad DD gameplay 😛
    Still funny tho ^^

  45. hey baron play the derpski. may the derp be with you, always

  46. I’m early time to make a joke

    Willford brimley

  47. Play the new Russian teir 8 cruiser

  48. Play the Montana!!!

  49. o7 baron…all of your vids are coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

  50. hey Baron!

    I’m German and my father is English and I love you vidz and I hear you
    using all these German words an sayings and I thought I could teach you how
    to pronounce some German words and stuff like that….
    many it sound childish but: ich finde dich voll cool Mann. 😉 german for
    hey m8 your a cool dude 😉
    and it is an offer for you from an 15 year old ” fan” of you but
    if you aren’t interested wat I could understand
    ceep making amazing vidz

  51. Wtf, how do those turrets turn so fast. That’s insanely quick even for a

  52. There’s at least one person saying “Trump 2016” in tons of matches now.
    Reminds me of when people always said “Ron Paul 2012”.

    It doesn’t bode well for them :P

  53. slickbee needs to shut the Fuck up. he’s an ignorant shit who just ruins ur
    videos with the stupid shit he spews


  55. Tier 10 Yamato battleship for the Emperor please!

  56. Dear baron

    Can you please do parkour with a fast tank plz. Use a fast tank and jump
    off stuff like rocks and cliffs

  57. do some light tanks in war thunder @baronvongamz

  58. Whats up with the video quality Baron? Its gone worse… Amp up your

  59. lol I get in chat and it’s like 1st 2nd 3rd I just want to talk with some

  60. good luck

  61. second comment boy

  62. Tier 9 torpedus is far superior o7

  63. first comment

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