Flint Review – World of Warships

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Let’s take a look at the USS .

This ship is what the should be. Unfortunately, if you want it, you are going to have to work for it. The ship is currently a reward for those who have made it to rank 1 in three ranked seasons. That doesn’t mean you can’t salivate over it, and wish that it was yours.

The round itself was fairly decent. First round in the Flint ever, and I recorded my highest XP round ever. Interesting.

Anyhow, here you have it.


  1. bummer, you cannot buy the flint.

  2. my issue with smoke and why i’d run smoke circles is that when youre
    outside of the smoke you can see it just fine and thats cool.
    But when you get close, especially if you run practically 0 on your
    graphics like i do, you cannot tell if you’re in the smoke screen or not.

  3. why you didnt told me earlier that you recording :0 im KOUGOUHARUNA shokaku

  4. hey zoup….me and timberguy were talking you last night.havent seen you on
    Dayz in a age.GG btw with the Flint.what a ship aye,i have the Atlanta and
    love her.add me on wow mate NA servers im on .. fiaboi

  5. Nice game, even tho I don’t think you used your smoke as effectively as you
    might have. It lasts much longer than many others and has a very short cool
    down, which really would have helped during your engagement against the
    Tirpitz. This is a ship to avoid if you ever come up against one! Would
    love to get one… probably won’t. :)

  6. the Flint does not use Sims torps. They have the same range and speed
    (roughly) but they do more damage. 16333 vs 9800)

  7. port and left both have 4 letters, easy mnemonic

  8. What resolution and crosshair are you using? I tried to run in 4k, but I
    can’t hit anything when I do.

  9. Haha, “key terrain features”. You’re army, aren’t you?

  10. She looks like a nice ship, but sadly Ranked is not worth the mind numbing
    grind and Toxic players to get her.

  11. Real solid game, good job.

    I’m fine with smoke circles now that they’re officially part of the game. I
    only had a problem with them when not everyone had them, especially during
    ranked battles.

    Funny that they basically took the Atlanta and gave it a bunch of buffs
    that the players have begged for all this time (smoke, longer torps, even a
    couple milometers more armor), and made it what appears to be a great ship.
    Looking forward to earning mine, though this was my first season of Ranked.
    Got two more grinds to go.

  12. How does one go about getting one of these?

  13. this is the first review I’ve seen on this ship that didnt say the Flint is
    overpowered i can’t quite make up my mind on whether or not she is but I
    agree she is I think fully decked out the smoke lasts too long but I agree
    she is want the Atlanta should have been

  14. damn wish I would have know this ranked reward early, and might have
    endured the rage of ranked play longer LOL

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