Florida for the Win – World of Warships

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I’m not sure why I decided to play Florida but I didn’t regret it. It has been forever since I last played it and I remember it to be quite trolly, however she didn’t disappoint this time. Enjoy and have fun watcthing 😉


  1. Turning 180 is good advice, because with the bridge underwater he would clearly see the sub. 😁

  2. I can’t believe how long you survived in Florida

  3. This was probably one of the funniest videos you made deer lorde XD

  4. That was one hell of a fun to watch. AA aa Aa A aAAAA aA 😀
    Florida for the win, Flambino for the fun!

    Keep it up!

  5. Now that’s some SPESHUUUL gameplay

  6. Report sent to WG: Some people are still having a lot of fun in this game, please bring more subs and CVs!

  7. I had the best WOWS moment in a long time watching and listening to you here –

  8. I don’t know why but Flambass knowing the emotional damage meme made me happy.

  9. Hey Flambino. I watch your vids since years, this is one of your best! Gratulation!

  10. Nice one man, thanks for the entertainment!🥳

  11. Its always a better video when you are having fun in spite of screwing up

  12. My ribs are hurting from laughing 😀 please don’t stop making videos in this format, it’s brilliant

  13. The hilarity ! great vid Flambass !

  14. We all know this day would come, flambass finaly lost his mind

  15. Been waiting to see you or Trenlass play this ship, as it bears my home states namesake, thank you Flambass

  16. More vids of you two please. So funny to watch. You made my morning.

  17. Nice to see you still having fun playing ships (despite WG’s best effort to make it unplayable).
    This was a genuine fun to watch, too 🙂

  18. You know. What if there was foot soldier landing units that could set up aa or flak positions that also count for spotting in an area.
    Food for thought

  19. I love it when flambass just gets silly lol

  20. I was laughing and laughing at that DD they refused simply refused to hunt the sub lol

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