Foghorn | World of Warships News: CC Status and 0.8.0 Hotfix for CV Balancing

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  1. Congratulations on your CC status!

  2. Are you gonna drink that coffee?…

  3. Congrats Mate!

  4. congrats on cc..keep up the great work

    As a (mainly) DD player please (for the love of god) ask them to rebalance the airplane spotting mechanics. Stealth was tough enough with radar etc now with planes covering the map like spots on a teenagers chin it’s nightmare. Yep you can turn on your AA but that just means your stealth takes longer to gain as you wildly fire at planes that may be leaving or attacking neighbors. Cheers

  5. most of these were pointed out during BETA and PTS, half of them could have been remedied with a stop watch and a spread sheet during a design meeting prior to release to BETA…

  6. congrats on becoming a cc stats

  7. Well congrats on your new status!

    I cant hit anything with the new carriers! I did better in the old system

  8. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    I hope they don’t keep up tiering +2 for cvs, especially after the hotpatch.

    • It’s a pretty common comment that having a two-tier spread of CVs in the same match is a little…. odd. However, it does fit with Wargaming’s goal of treating these the same as any other ship type, and you can have a two tier gap with all the others, so I get why they’ve done it.

  9. Congrats on cc, and just to point out in my experience attacking dds with a cv, I have done far more damage with a single dive bomb strike the highest being about 10k dmg then multiple rocket strikes. Rocket planes damage and spotting is what makes them annoying to deal with. I think wg can address this by nerfing the aiming speed of rocket planes and buffing the plane spotting range of dds so is harder to get precise rocket strikes on a dd, as there isn’t enough reaction time to aim from when you spot the dd to when you’ve gone into the attack animation. Plus this would give the dd a better chance of duking the attack. Even in the current system I’ll find myself spotting a dd I turn around open up the distance, losing the spot coming around already in the attack so I can get a more accurate attack. The problem with that is that if the dd moves in an unexpected direction my attack will completely miss. And another thing of note is that the dd can see my planes coming while I can’t see him until it may be too late.

    • Another factor might be plane speed – it’s counter-intuitive, but faster planes actually make it harder to hit DDs, especially stealthier ones where you have to start the attack run before you spot them.

    • Hitting DDs with Tiny Tim’s is already hard..

    • +Ayanami Tiny tims aren’t really intended for dds and thus are quite appropriately bad against them. Tiny tims have a very long aim time and a small number of rockets per attack, but they can be very accurate with proper run up and have good he damage and very high pen and high fire chance making them good against bbs and ccs atleast in theory, my saipan and lexingtons have been unreliable and I tend to prefer the normal hvar rockets personally. Though tiny tims do give an example of some of the nerfing that could be done to normal rockets so they aren’t as annoying.

  10. Outstanding news, thank you for this, and congratulations on becoming a CC!

    Karandar, NA

  11. Congrats on your CC status !! I agree 100% with your assessment of the AA sector system. The old system was MUCH more user friendly and usable for all ship classes.

  12. Congrats on being a CC!

  13. nice CC status congrats

  14. We got a new CC!

  15. Luv ya bro but i cant Watch this in the AM as that “un-drunk” coffee mug is getting to me lol. Cheers! Congrats on ur new status CC.

  16. well done on the CC mate

  17. hey, you got it. Congratz

  18. Haku torp planes can still avoid AA with its long range and all of them are stealth drops. The hotfix doesn’t seem to state a clear way to solve it.

    • Well, it doesn’t state how they are going to address it at all. They may well remove the stealth capability completely.

    • yea the haku is game breaking with stealth torp they will never be able to balance it to the other cv because it plays the game with no aa involve wich is bullshit and dum

      its because all those cc and unicorn are influencing wows and want their haku little love child always better then the other cv

      just balance it is all i wAnt so i cam play my midway without being a detriment to my team

    • +StatsBloke Yep, I still hold positive to WG’s re-rework capabilities xD

    • +iamplay I got focused by two Hakus and ate waves after waves of stealthy torps in one game recently l;ol

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