Foghorn: World of Warships News | Patch Update 0.8.5

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  1. Baptiste Briffaux

    Later and accurate would be best. THX for vids.

  2. Early with some guess work for next foghorn

  3. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Accurate is better IMO. There is just too much speculation on WG content and it’s a nice way to be different that normal player that are juste speculate trough their hat.

  4. Pls don’t waste my time with inaccurate guesses, I can comeback when the video is done but I don’t wanna have to go and check to make sure the info is accurate. Also about time saturation’s been nerfed, I like it for bbs due to excessive he spam, but it usually just ends up letting ships survive when they really shouldn’t. I like the sound of new semi ap shells, but I’m worried what ships get them. Just gonna have to wait and see.

    • I’m gonna have to think about it carefully. Doing it this way, I have to get home from work, and then literally work non-stop for 6-8 hours to get the video out before I go to bed. The way I normally do it, I do it over a few days based on the initial dev notes.

    • @StatsBloke If you need to take another day man, I just want short accurate videos, that’s what I like about your channel.

  5. Later and accurate is preferred!

  6. Get another CV nerf and this is BS and so is yiur idea. This is never a lositive change for CV. Why does the hive mind that runs around telling people there cancer and not the CV is pointkess.
    Stuntman did the math on it. Every plane will be shot down.
    So the hate train is happy but WG said they were dont with CV so they said buy our junk then destroyed it.
    Dont hind behind the world nerf so its not enough.
    If your going to trash CV you can atleast be honest.

    • @Jerry Glaze I know your pain . I love the new CV’s as I can actually play them ( couldn’t cope with RTS Style ) but as you say the team blame you for loosing and the enemy curse you and lots of players report you just for being in a CV 🙁 .
      when top tier the AA is ok and you can do some hits and damage . . when Bottom tier ( +2-2 ) yeah your just a spotter except for some DD’s . . sigh . . i hope this change helps as I am fed up of loosing the whole squadron of the first run .
      Fair Seas Captain .

    • As a (I guess I have to start saying former) DD main I’m sorry but the hate that CVs are getting is more than deserved. As a DD you have no counterplay to a CV except for praying that he won’t focus you. Even as a T10 vs T8 you are forced to constantly run away from the planes and to stay close to your team, meaning that you are at the mercy of potatoes random teammates. Plus the fact that a CV has unlimited planes… losing a squadron means nothing for a carrier, while for a dd, CL or CA one wrong engagement and you can kiss your HPs goodbye

    • @Diego Fachinat I am past the point of pointing out unlimited SQ. Everyone knows thats not true. Loseing SQ is vitle. You cannot part t8 planes over t10 DD
      And if you think planes are unlimited try 10 toprs every 2 min from a DD. Or DD perma spotting with no counter from a ship.
      Its beyond that now. 6 months of garbage. 6 months of co stant nerf. 6 months of being told your crap.
      6 months of, unlimited planes like DD run out of torps or ammo.
      No its past the game at this point.

    • Jerry Glaze your comments shows that you don’t play DDs, maybe a gearing or a grozo with defAA can shoot down a squadron, but not before they can drop him 2-3 times, and not before the enemy team is going to take away all his hp because he’s spotted.
      Perma spotting by a DD has no counter… radar? Hidro? WASD? I understand that especially the last one might be too difficult.
      Lastly if planes are not infinite I wonder why I’m constantly harassed by full squadrons even at the 17-18 minute mark, must be my luck to meet all this CVs that keep their planes just for the end

  7. Dead set the best videos

  8. I think later and accurate is preferable.

    Cant wait for those SAP shells, if they´re half as good as they are in World of Tanks, thats gonna be nice.

  9. Finally Yoshino is coming…

  10. Later and accurate. Top banana, son! Postapocklelipstick

  11. Accurate is better, the new mode RW is of no interest to me, I play this to play WWII Ships not some fantasy ships.

    • I think that’s why these alternative modes are always separate so you can leave them alone if you want to. Don’t forget you can turn off the content in the port settings so you won’t even see the skins in the main game if you don’t want to.

  12. Thanks for the heads up . I like accurate info ( where possible with WG )
    I was wondering . .
    are you going to be able to test HMS Ark Royal ?? ( I saw that she is in for testing )
    and what has happened to HMS Indomitable ?? there was so much said about her 2 patches ago and now total silence ??
    See you on stream .

    • I have the same question about Indomitable because she was my baby while we had her for testing and I want her back badly! I guess she’s ready to go now and they’re just waiting for the right point in their release plan. Re Ark Royal, yes, I believe CCs and STs will have her for testing during 0.8.5.

  13. Accuracy is king. For me the non historical game modes are not relevant. Might be fun but there are better such games in my book. I like the idea of several small teams though. Could be used for you know WW2 ships even?

    • WG often use these alternative modes, especially halloween, to test new concepts with the playerbase. It could be that they are considering the idea of having four teams in random battles. If this event shows that everyone hates it, they then have valuable information without any harm to the main game. Pretty clever, really…

  14. Later and accurate always batter for me as well

  15. nice intro lol, accurate news is always best. keep up the good work.

  16. only 2 days of clan brawl we need more

  17. 1:18 lol that was funny

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