Foghorn: World of Warships News | Update Patch 0.8.11: Christmas and New Year Events

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  1. Great update Buddy 🙂

  2. I’m lucky I’m retired and can devote as much time as I want doing all of the holiday directives. I probably have a good chance at getting the USS Puerto Rico for free, doubtful if I could do it if I had a full time job. Liked and shared!

  3. AHhhhh we Belgians are just so unlucky, all we get is rain and no crates…..thx bro for your vids. Great as usual. Not too happy about the grind during xmas or the cost in coal for the new special German Captain (thx WG ofc). Need the coal for the Thunderer.

  4. The beard gets more impressive every time !! good job stats

  5. I’ll definitely need to budget for the Christmas Crates. Otherwise I’ll end up several hundred in debt trying to get the Belfast XD

  6. “have a great break” yeah nothing but grind all xmas lol. good stuff from wg tho. minus gambleboxes.

  7. The Scharnhorst will actually be as accurate as the North Carolina because she has a 2.0 sigma 😀

  8. The 1v1 is what i am looking for. Finally no ignorant 42%wr-guys screwing my efforts 🙂

  9. 3:35 Monday 16th of January? Feels like we’re off a month here chief ^^

  10. Gorizia for free? After experiencing the Zara I don’t think I’ll ever e play her, but I’m still happy to have her for my collection of Italian ships

  11. Erratum: I meant 16th *December* for the PR grind start of course, not January.

  12. Awesome news Stats my friend and great video as always!!!

  13. As usual, clear, accurate and right on target. Thank you @StatsBloke, great job!

  14. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Thank u for the the effort you do for us all

  15. [stares at the directives on NA]

    WG, are you drunk?

  16. This is a really well done informational thing for WoWs thank you sir

  17. my first mega, dropped the Alabama, the 3rd one dropped the ark royal. not bad at all.. still will be looking to get more boxes.

  18. This is by far the most straight forward, informative, understandable and clear video I’ve seen in the last couple of months. Thank you for that!

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