Foghorn: World of Warships News | Update Patch 0.8.2, New Ships, Reminders

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  1. Another good one, shared with three facebook wows groups

  2. Benham huh? First I’m hearing of it. Kinda looks like an upgraded Mahan hull. Is that only 4 guns I see? Wait a minute those torpedo tubes, they look awfully close to the starboard side. There aren’t 4 launchers are there? Could be ridiculous, but will it be as good as Black or Fletcher?
    Edit: Just looked it up, it did have 4 quad 533mm torpedo launchers, this could be a bit of a meme ship.

  3. James Bigglesworth

    Some of the new space modes were lost on my team mates.
    Destroying the generator never happened as the timer ran out before they realised they would get their ship back if they pushed and died.

  4. StatsBloke, I am SO glad you are a pom, sorry, English. Your pronunciation is PERFECT, your French and other languages is excellent. I’m tired of people like NO ZOUP who call the Cossack… “Coe-sack”… their ignorance is annoying. Well done, looking forward to the next video.

  5. Do you know if we get another captain skill points reset for non CVs with this patch….?

  6. The Axis Kots team did a great job, thanks for the shoutout Stats!

  7. RPF for planes is gone


  8. I find the CVs are still for specialists only. The AA of some ships are devastating, my own record is 47 planes in a game (not even full AA build).
    The US dive bombers can due crazy damage though, torpedoplanes are subject to much more AA (unless you try to stealth torp).
    I want Italian cruisers! )or more Italians ships…)!

    • Haku can delete cruisers 25 k is the max from one dive. Zao won’t survive the second dive. Although conqueror and Republique are immune to citadels from Haku don’t know why.

  9. Calico Jack Rackham

    Thanks for the update, Stats. +1

  10. You pronounced those French DDs so good in comparison to Notser who struggled a lot xD

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