Foghorn: World of Warships News | Update Patch 0.9.4: Part A: Soviet Cruisers

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  1. Isaiah Armstrong

    I love these videos these are great ways to get news. Thanks statsbloke

  2. Just love this format. Seems like the news channel but actually worth listening to 😛

  3. So since I already have the Kirov, is it worth just hanging on to? Because I still have a 10 point Soviet Captain just waiting to be assigned at some point; unlocked him via a weekly Operation a few months back.

    • Wargaming themselves have said that we should be selling both Moskva and Kirov before 0.9.5, as the new versions will be credited to us when the update hits. If we sell them we get the credits for doing so. I assume that means when they remove the tech tree versions by force, no credits will be credited. Why this is, I do not know. I’ll actually be surprised if they *don’t* implement automatic credit sale for the tech tree versions – many players won’t sell them early and will then kick up a fuss about lost credits if they don’t do it.
      TLDR: Sell Kirov just before 0.9.5, but that can literally be the day before – no need to do it yet.

    • @StatsBloke Ok cheers for the heads up. Makes even more sense now. 🙂

  4. James Bigglesworth

    Not flaming you in chat but did you know…
    0:07 Cruisers not Destroyers.

  5. Not compensating for the Moskva perma camp seems like cheap shot at those who already shelled out for it.

    • Wargaming’s response to this comment has been “anyone purchasing the camouflage has had use of it, so there will be no compensation”, or words to that effect.

  6. To comment on the difference of “light” and “heavy” when talking about soviet cruisers. It really depends on whether you hold WNT terms or individual nation terms. The Soviets referred to Donskoi and Nevsky (project 86) as CL’s. The WNT called any ship above 155mm caliber a heavy cruiser. The soviets did not buy into the WNT. So it’s really up to you.

    • PanzerJäger Hantoeig

      If that is the case then tier 8 Tallinn in the “heavy” cruiser line would be a light cruiser.

    • PanzerJäger Hantoeig PanzerJäger Hantoeig the thing is Tallinn uses the 180mm model 1937 3×180 turrets installed on Kirov. Kirov was designed and built as an “auxiliary heavy cruiser” which is basically just a small heavy cruiser. Tallinn is also the hull of a Hipper-class cruiser, which were designed as Heavy Cruisers. Finally, the VMF’s intention for Tallinn was to be a squadron flagship based out of Leningrad, and at the time there were no other CA designs with the same designation that were to be based out of Leningrad. So at the end of the day, Tallinn is a heavy cruiser, even if it has smaller than usual guns for most CA’s at it’s tier.

  7. What I don’t like about the Kirov change is that she loses most of her AA power. Because of the iffy ballistics you never needed the spotter anyway. My favourite tier 5 fly-swatter is gone 🙁

    • I played the new version quite a bit during testing, and I loved it. She now feels like a Tier 5 Lazo.

    • @StatsBloke I don’t doubt she is fun to play. Current Kirov is one of my favourite t5 ships and not much will change for her. She only trades good AA for spotter plane. I will still play her regularly, but I also think that spotter plane at tier 5 with her ballistics is inferior to having AA that can actually shoot down some planes.

  8. I really like this format. But where’s the weather girl at the end of the news? 😉

  9. Simply the best news format for world of warships!

  10. Thank you… makes this a lot clearer.
    You “guesswork” sound quite plausible to me.

  11. Alright maybe I’m just deaf or blind but has there been 100% confirmation on if you have Moskva you get Nesky or do you have to regrind for it

  12. Three months of Russian paper ships …yuck!

  13. Thank you Stats, why can’t WG be this clear

  14. Hi Stats, could you please point me towards where WG expressly stated that it is ok to **reset the research progress** of the branch and still get the Moskva and Kirov for free after the update? I tend to be very wary about such news until I see an official post which can be held against them in case there’s some screw up.
    Thank you Bloke

    Edit: + Research Bureau points of course

  15. And those that bought perma-camo for Moskva will just lose that 5k dubs. WAY more miserly compared to how WG handled the US cruiser split.

    • I see WG’s point for people who bought it a long time ago, but for people who have bought it recently (and some people may still buy it in the next four weeks because they don’t realise) it’s a bit crappy.

    • @StatsBloke Even during the US cruiser split, it didn’t matter how long you had perma-camo. Not only did you get it on a tech tree ship, but you also received the replacement ship with a perma-camo as well. It’s crappy all the way around.

  16. At the beginning of the video you said early access Destroyers, was that just a mistake or is there something coming we don’t know about?

    • Sadly, YouTube doesn’t have any kind of annotation feature, so the best I could do was post a poll at that point in the video, which you didn’t spot. Taking the video down, re-editing it, and re-uploading it is just too much effort for such a small slip!

  17. Thanks for the information, you are doing a great job 🥰🇬🇧🇬🇷

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