For the Record =) Budyonny in Operation Aegis || World of Warships

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  1. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    I think this proves that Budyonny is the best T6 cruiser for Scenario Battles. I had a challenge with a friend to see who gets the highest score in the same run. She scored about 260k damage with Budyonny while I barely got 190k with Nurnberg. The railgun-like shell trajectory secured a lot of kills!

  2. 5:20 Kill Securing 101
    This ship is pretty much Cleveland’s replacement once 7.5 rolls out

  3. I love the Budyonny, but no way does it get citadels like that. Must be an aiming mod.

    • Close range against thinly armoured cruisers, of course it can. At longer ranges the 152s lack the pen to citadel much. Aim mods wouldn’t change a thing here.

      Also in pvp most players have the presence of mind to angle, instead of sailing along full broadside like these bots. Maybe that’s why you aren’t getting citadels like in this vid.

    • Don’t need IFHE to score HE citadels against Ryujo. It has 25mm citadel plating, 152/6 = 25.3 (rounds to 25), so even without it you’ll get those cits. Ol low tier CV armour.

    • Gerlath Jakistam

      On HE you have to have MORE penetration than armor to get pierce, than if ryujo have 25mm armor you need 26 pen on HE to get thru

    • Gerlath Jakistam i citadelled the ryujo with cleveland HE without IFHE 🙂

    • ThatOneDude it’s still the case, but it’s also possible to do that with DDs (if you are lucky)

  4. BIA World of Warships

    Danke Panzerknacker! Ich schätze das wirklich! 🙂

  5. 8 Kills with Nürnberg today

  6. two days ago i did 349k in a cleveland

  7. Assim é fácil! Ninguém atira contra ele, nem um inimigo sequer, nas duas primeiras ondas.

  8. I use the Budyonny and Molotov, and have had some success with both, but not like this. Just proves I am crap at this game 🙂

  9. Hellava game! Congrats!

  10. 64 citadels! impressive

  11. lol if it was not sneakysnake doing this, then one could give credence to a hack, but it is sneaky snake and so enough said there. great job

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