Francesco Carraciolo / “A Tale of Two Sicilies”

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As tier 7 battleships go, the only one with less reliable guns is the Lyon, but of course it just has so many more of them…


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  1. always nice to see a PHJ replay 🙂 edit: hope you and Sam are doing ok? 🙂

  2. I see you have stumbled upon the one absolute truth regarding cats – the house belongs to them, and they tolerate the humans occupying it, as long as we are obedient servants to their needs.
    I ended up with Tiers 4 thru 7 during the first phase of the event – not by stint of any dedicated grind – but more by happy coincidence of doggedly grinding thru the Kansas at the same time. After trying a few matches in the Tier 4 and 5, and looking at the specs for the 6 and 7, going by the Little White Mouse rating scale, I gave them a “meh” rating, and honestly haven’t touched them since.
    Some have theorized that WG balanced these with Deadeye in mind – and now that Deadeye is going away, the guns on them will be even more “meh” than they are now.

  3. Also have been grinding the Andrea Doria. Hard to say which ship I detest more currently, it, or the Albemarle. Thankfully I am just about done with both grinds.

  4. I have to admit my interest in this line has been zero thus far. Just wondering which line to regrind rsther than dtart either the Italian BBs or the new German BBs

  5. I have not been enjoying this line. The guns, THE GUNS are so bad so far. Just got to the T8 and still not liking them. I get more hits with the secondaries than the main guns. Armour is good, does bounce shells with good angles. Only ship I got good battles in was the T6.
    I used to call my Roma but it leaves this line standing so far.

  6. Nice job,
    good video Jedi

  7. @ 1:25 The Carraciolo and the Littorios use the same shells (with, according to the WG wiki, the same 850 m/s initial velocity) – but not the same gun. The Italians developed new, longer-barrelled guns for the Littorios – which makes the identical shell velocity unlikely in real life.

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