Franklin D. Roosevelt TOO STRONK for World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. This ships is OP as F*
    And it reminds me the onld version of CV.

    • I more scared to MVR than FDR. MVR really hit like a truck and citadel strike means no full heal.

    • @Lucas Marcolini That and CVs didn’t have unlimited hangars and losses on their part were permanent.

    • @The Ugly Barnacle try to play CV next time you say that.

    • @Danhvn I played a game once where a divmate and I shot down 70 planes combined from a hostile CV and he STILL killed us. That doesn’t happen in RTS mode because even if a Midway suffers that many losses, his hangar would be long gone dry by that point.

      But I gave up on this shipwreck over half a year ago anyways and I don’t regret it.

    • @The Ugly Barnacle You think that 70 planes are not included fighters?
      Yes cause in RTS you just die in 1 run.

  2. Daniel Escobar Goez

    This CV is very unbalanced in most cases the Premium ships have an advantage but this has about 3 tier difference compared to the other CVs

  3. Christopher D'Erasmo

    They had to test out the tier 4 Russian CV mechanics somehow.

  4. WG: CVs are not as OP as they used to be back then, enjoy your game!!!

    Also WG:

  5. Feel so good to watch he use torpedo spam that petro. These days, only balans can beat balans

  6. Roosevelt and arp yamato are the last two ships that have permanently ruined the game, in fact I stopped playing after 4 years.

  7. When sales die down, they’ll ‘deal’ with it in one of their trademark piss on the player ways, I’m sure.

  8. fighters, french BB, and a CV all focusing down 1 squadron and its still not enough to stop them from getting a full attack run off. Really WG? Really?

    • watch carefully and you will see that in the end he had lost a ton of planes.. AA is still immensingly strong at tier X thats why you see very few CV at tier VIII and X.

  9. nice balanced 🙂

  10. Hallo hier bin ich

  11. Los, mach weiter! Back to Twitch… xD

  12. Gutes Video und super Stream, weiter so! (schleim schleim) 😀

  13. Der fehlt mir noch in der Sammlung 😛

  14. WHOOOT ?

  15. schöner Kommentar ^^

  16. Ich find die Roosevelt einfach etwas zu stark …

  17. Gib mir ein Herz Du Eierkopp

  18. Sehr hefig die Roosevelt …. ein fröhliches He1nz an alle ^^

  19. samutommi2007 marchetti

    Good play! You know that I am one of your Italian fans!


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